NCERT Class 8 English This is Jodys Fawn

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This Is Jodys Farm Class 8 English NCERT

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This Is Jodys Farm NCERT Class 8

This is Jody's Farm

Before you read

Often, instead of rushing to the doctor to treat a small cut or burn, we find quick and effective cures using things available at home. Can you think of some such ‘home remedies’ for a cut on your knee? a burn on your arm? a bee sting? In this story, Jody’s father has been bitten by a rattlesnake. He quickly kills a doe and uses its heart and liver to draw out the poison. Jody wonders what will happen to the little fawn left without a mother.

Jody allowed his thoughts to drift back to the fawn. He could not keep it out of his mind. He had held it, in his dreams, in his arms. He slipped from the table and went to his father’s bedside. Penny lay at rest. His eyes were open and clear, but the pupils were still dark and dilated. Jody said, “How are you feeling, Pa?” “Just fine, son. O1d Death has gone thieving elsewhere. But wasn’t it a close shave!”

“I agree.” Penny said, “I’m proud of you, boy, the way you kept your head and did what was needed.” “Pa-” “Yes, son.” “Pa, do you recollect the doe and the fawn?” “I can never forget them. The poor doe saved me, that’s certain.”  “Pa, the fawn may be out there yet. It might be hungry and very scared.” “I suppose so.” “Pa, I’m a big boy now and don’t need to drink milk. Why don’t I go and see if I can find the fawn?” “And bring it here?” “And raise it.”

Penny lay quiet, staring at the ceiling. “Boy, you’ve got me hemmed in.” “It won’t take much to raise it, Pa. It’ll soon start eating leaves and acorns.” “You are smarter than boys of your age.” “We took its mother, and it wasn’t to blame.” “Surely it seems ungrateful to leave it to starve. Son, I can’t say ‘No’ to you. I never thought I’d live to see another day.” “Can I ride back with Mill-wheel and see if I can find it?”“Tell your Ma I said you can go.” He sidled back to the table and sat down. His mother was pouring coffee for everyone. He said, “Ma, Pa says I can go bring back the fawn.” She held the coffee pot in mid-air. “What fawn?” “The fawn belonging to the doe we killed. We used the doe’s liver to draw out the poison and save Pa.” She gasped.

“Well, for pity sake—” “Pa says it would be ungrateful to leave it to starve.” Doc Wilson said, “That’s right, Ma’am. Nothing in the world comes quite free. The boy’s right and his daddy’s right.” Mill-wheel said, “He can ride back with me. I’ll help him find it.” She set down the pot helplessly. “Well, if you’ll give it your milk—we’ve got nothing else to feed it.” Mill-wheel said, “Come on, boy. We’ve got to get riding.”Ma Baxter asked anxiously, “You’ll not be gone long?” Jody said, “I’ll be back before dinner for sure. ” Mill-wheel mounted his horse and pulled Jody up behind him.

He said to Mill-wheel, “Do you think the fawn’s still there? Will you help me find him?” “We’ll find him if he’s alive. How you know it’s a he?”

Comprehension Check

1. What had happened to Jody’s father?

2. How did the doe save Penny’s life?

3. Why does Jody want to bring the fawn home?

4. How does Jody know that the fawn is a male?

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