NCERT Class 3 Maths Long and Short

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Long And Short Class 3 Mathematics NCERT

Class 3 Mathematics students should refer to the following NCERT Book chapter Long And Short in standard 3. This NCERT Book for Grade 3 Mathematics will be very useful for exams and help you to score good marks

Long And Short NCERT Class 3


Long and Short

Lali is selling things at her father's shop. A farmer comes to buy rope.

So, the farmer measures his arm with

the rope and Lali gives him 7 times that much rope.

Measure your arm and your mother's arm. What is the difference?

How Many?

❋ In how many steps will Dorji cross the road?

❋ How many cups can be placed in a line on this table?

❋ How many pots can be placed to reach the tree branch?

❋ How many shirts can be hung on this wire?

NCERT Class 3 Maths Long and Short

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