CBSE Class 3 Maths Activities

Read and download CBSE Class 3 Maths Activities chapter in NCERT book for Class 3 Mathematics. You can download latest NCERT eBooks for 2022 chapter wise in PDF format free from This Mathematics textbook for Class 3 is designed by NCERT and is very useful for students. Please also refer to the NCERT solutions for Class 3 Mathematics to understand the answers of the exercise questions given at the end of this chapter

Activities Class 3 Mathematics NCERT

Class 3 Mathematics students should refer to the following NCERT Book chapter Activities in standard 3. This NCERT Book for Grade 3 Mathematics will be very useful for exams and help you to score good marks

Activities NCERT Class 3

Activity 1: To draw the following on a dot paper (i) a hut (ii) a joker (iii) a flower

Activity 2: To represent the following pair of numbers on straight lines, using stickers. Also find the greater number from the representation
(i) 7 and 11 (ii) 9 and 5

Activity 3: Group Activity: Body Mathematics Divide the class in groups of 5 students (say) Using a measuring tape ask each group to measure the following
i) Length of the right palm
ii) Width of the right palm
iii) Length of the right ear
iv) Width of the smile

Ask them to note down the following observations:
i) Which group member has longest palm length?
ii) Which group member has shortest palm length?
iii) Which group member has widest smile?
iv) Which group member has longest ear length?
v) Which group member has shortest ear length?

Activity 4: To measure the dimensions of door or window of room in your house using a 1 m long thick thread?

Activity 5: a) To count the edges and corners of the following objects
i) Ruler
ii) Rectangular paper
iii) Dice
iv) Shoe box

v) Alphabet ‘O’

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