CBSE Class 3 Computer Science Fun With Paint Brush Notes

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Fun With Paint Brush Class 3 Computers Revision Notes

Class 3 Computers students should refer to the following concepts and notes for Fun With Paint Brush in standard 3. These exam notes for Grade 3 Computers will be very useful for upcoming class tests and examinations and help you to score good marks

Fun With Paint Brush Notes Class 3 Computers

Paintbrush is used for drawing, coloring and editing the pictures. We can use Paint Brush like a digital sketchpad to make simple pictures. Files created in Paint Brush are saved as bitmap files. The default file extension of a bitmap file is .bmp.
Steps To open Paint Brush 
Click Start-> All Programs -> Accessories->  Paint.
Class 3 Computer Science Fun with Paint Brush Notes
Options on Home Tab- Paste, Cut, Copy, Select, Crop, Resize, Rotate, Brushes, Shapes, Line, Color options
Class 3 Computer Science Internet Notes1
Eraser/Color Eraser-
This tool is useful for erasing part of the image.
To erase an image

1. Select the eraser tool from toolbox.
2. Increase the size of the eraser from size line given in the tool box.
3. Hold the eraser where you want to erase a part of the image or whole image.
Class 3 Computer Science Fun with Paint Brush Notes2
Class 3 Computer Science Fun with Paint Brush Notes3
Let us do practice now

TYPE-I (Short answers based questions)
1. Name and Draw few tools of Ms-Paint.
2. What is the effect of Magnifier tool ?
3. Name different options available on the text menu.
4. What is difference between paint brush and Air brush.

TYPE-II (Fill in the blanks)
1. ________is used to fill an area with color.
2. ________enlarges or reduces the picture.
3. ________is used to erase part of the picture.
4. ________is used like paint spray.
Type-III(Match the following)
Lab Session
1. Draw the picture in Ms-Paint
2. Design one colored scenery with some text message.
3. Draw a rainy scene and describe in five lines.
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