CBSE Class 3 English Unseen Passage A

Read CBSE Class 3 English Unseen Passage A below, students should read unseen passage for class 3 English available on with solved questions and answers. These topic wise unseen comprehension for class 3 English with answers have been prepared by English teacher of Grade 3. These short passages have been designed as per the latest syllabus for class 3 English and if practiced thoroughly can help you to score good marks in standard 3 English class tests and examinations

CBSE Class 3 English Unseen Passage A. Students should do unseen passages for Class 3 English which will help them to get better marks in English class tests and exams. Unseen passages are really scoring and practicing them on regular basis will be very useful. Refer to the unseen passage below with answers.

Read the Below Passage:

Keoladeo Ghana National Park or Bharatpur bird Sanctuary is the bird-watchers delight in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. It is best known for the Siberian cranes. They arrive in December and stay till March every year. Over 230 species of birds are there.

Answer the following Questions:-

Q.1 Which place is the bird watchers delight?

Q.2 In which season do the Siberian cranes come to Bharatpur Park?

Q.3 How long do they stay there?

Q.4 How Many species of birds are found in Bharatpur bird Sanctuary?


A.1 Keoladeo Ghana National Park or Bharatpur National Park is the 'bird-watchers' delight.

A.2 The Siberian cranes come to Bharatpur Park in winter season.

A.3 They stay there for four months.

A.4 There are over 230 species of birds in Bharatpur bird sanctuary.

Read the Below Passage:-

We work at home ourselves and help family members. There we don't think whether our household activities are our jobs or not. In the same manner, our school is also like our home. We line here together and study in a friendly atmosphere. Shouldn't we think of its cleanliness also? If we make it dirty, who'll clean it? I think we should do it ourselves.

Answer the following Questions:-

Q.1 How do we help our family members?

Q.2 What do we not think?

Q.3 How do we live in our school?

Q.4 What should we do ourselves?


A.1 We help our family members by working at home.

A.2 We don't think whether our household activities are our jobs or not.

A.3 We live in our school in a friendly atmosphere in school.

A.4 We should do cleanliness ourselves.

Read the Below Passage:-

"Pranayam is control and extension of the breath. By practising it, we can reduce our breathing rate. Reduced breathing rate has a lot of benefits. It slows down heart rate, reduces blood pressure and relaxes body and mind. Pranayam increases our life expectancy.

Pranayam should be done on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning. You can also do it in the evening but there should be a gap of four hours after the last meal."

Answer the following Question:-

Q.1 What is Pranayam?

Q.2 What are the benefits of reduced breathing rate?

Q.3 How should Pranayam be done?

Q.4 When should we do Pranayam?


A.1 Pranayam is control and extension of the breath.

A.2 Reduced breathing rate has a lot of benefits. It slows down heart rate, reduces blood pressure and relaxed body and mind.

A.3 Pranayam should be done on an empty stomach.

A.4 We should do Pranayam preferably in the morning. We can also do it in the evening. But there should be a gap of four hours after the last meal.

Read the Below Passage:-

Shivam and Nitin were students of class V. One day they got up early. It was a pleasant morning. They saw many people in the park. Some of them were running on the track around the park. Children were playing. In the middle of the park, some people were sitting and making different poses.

Answer the following Question:-

Q.1 Who were Nitin and Shivam?

Q.2 How was the morning that day?

Q.3 What were some of them doing?

Q.4 What were some people doing in the middle of the park?


A.1 Nitin and Shivam were students.

A.2 It was a pleasant morning.

A.3 Some of them were running on the track around the park.

A.4 Some people were sitting and making different poses in the middle of the park.

Read the Below Passage:-

The lion family also came out of their cave. It was a small family the lion, the lioness and their two lovely cubs. The lion climbed on to a rock. He looked around and gave a loud roar. The cubs began to play with each other. The lioness watched them, frolicking for some time then she called them.

Answer the following Question:-

Q.1 Where did the lion family live?

Q.2 Where did the lion climb?

Q.3 What did the cubs do?

Q.4 What did the lioness do?


A.1 The lion family lived in a cave.

A.2 The lion climbed on to a rock.

A.3 The cubs began to play with each other.

A.4 The lioness watched the cubs frolicking for some time then she called them.

Read the Below Passage:-

Ramesh came to stay with his cousin. He stayed with him for two days. Today he is leaving. His bus leaves at 11.15 a.m. His cousin has gone to his office. Ramesh waits for the driver. But the driver does not come till 10 o'clock so Ramesh take an auto-rickshaw and goes to the bus-stand. He meets Kamal at the bus-stand.

Answer the following question:-

Q.1 How long did Ramesh come to stay with his cousin?

Q.2 When does his bus leave?

Q.3 Whom does Ramesh wait for?

Q.4 How does Ramesh go to the bus-stand?


A.1 Ramesh came to stay with his cousin for two days.

A.2 His bus leaves at 11.15 a.m.

A.3 Ramesh waits for the driver.

A.4 Ramesh goes to the bus-stand by an auto-rickshaw.

Read the Below Passage:-  

A zoo employee was bitten recently by a large poisonous snake called an African puff adder. He was trying to put the snake into a bag so that it could be moved to a new snake house. The snake handler was wearing thick gloves and thick boots, but the adder still bit him in his arm. The handler squeezed the snake’s neck tightly, forcing the snake to withdraw its fangs. He then put the snake into the bag and tied the bag. 

He called the emergency services to report that the adder had bitten him; when doctors arrived at the new snake house, they could not find the snake or man.They started walking back toward the old snake house. A few moments later, they found the handler lying unconscious on a pathway. Curiously, the bag with the snake still in it was covering the man’s head and part of his chest. 

The paramedics handed the bag to another zoo employee, who delivered the snake to its new home. They then transported the handler to the city hospital. Later, a hospital spokesman said that the handler was in good condition. He said that viper bites can cause a lot of damage in the immediate area of the bite if not treated properly and quickly, but it looked like this man would recover completely.
The zoo director said that this particular adder had a nasty reputation. This was the fifth time in six years that it had managed to bite someone. Fortunately, the previous victims also recovered fully. Although the penultimate one now has a fear of snakes which is why the new handler that was bitten was working with the snakes. In the future, the director joked, they might call the bomb disposal unit to handle the snake. 

Question: Choose the best title or heading for the passage.
A. Happy Fish
B. Silly Handler
C. Angry Adder
D. Zoo to Close
Ans: C. Angry Adder 

Question: Where was the man bitten by the snake?
A. Arm
B. Chest
C. Neck
D. Leg
Ans: A. Arm 

Question: The handler was found _________.
A. waiting near the gate house
B. in the old snake house
C. in the new snake house
D. unconscious on a pathway
Ans:D. unconscious on a pathway

Question: Which paragraph explains what happens when a person is bitten by a snake?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Ans: C. 3 

Question: What does the word ‘penultimate’ mean in final paragraph?
A. Second to last
B. First
C. Most recent
D. Last
Ans: A. Second to last

Read the Below Passage:- 

Max reads more than anyone he knows. He loves to read during all of his free time. His friends tease him because he would rather read than play video games, but his parents and his teachers are proud of him. They say reading is important, and it will help him learn about the world around him. They also tell him that it is a good habit to read on a regular basis.

One day, Max was reading a magazine article about volcanoes. He told his friends all about volcanoes and what causes them to erupt. The very next week, his class was assigned a
science project about volcanoes. Guess, who everyone wanted in their project group? Max's friends weren't teasing him anymore.
Max ended up being in a group with Liz, Anna and Josh. The assignment was to create a poster board with information about volcanoes and to build a volcano model.
Max made copies of the magazine article about volcanoes so his project partners could read about them too. They also went to the library to look for more information about volcanoes.
The group met at Anna's house that night to organise the information and decide what they wanted to put on the poster board. They all asked Max what he thought was most important.
Then they decided on the following together.
What causes volcanoes to erupt? The release of pressure when magma rises up through cracks in the Earth's crust.
How do volcanoes form? Lava from eruptions cools and forms new crust. The crust builds up after several eruptions to form a volcano. How hot is lava? Lava can get as hot as 1,165 Fahrenheit.
The next night, they met at Josh's house to build their volcano. They used cardboard and modeling clay. First, they made a volcano shape with the cardboard, and then they covered
the shape in brown and red clay. The red was lava flowing down the volcano. They also attached red clay to the top of the volcano to make it look like it was erupting.
The volcano looked great. Max, Liz, Anna and Josh were very proud of their hard work.
When they turned in their project, their teacher was proud too. Thanks to Max's good habit, they earned an A+ on both parts of the project.

Question: What is the passage about?
A How to make volcanoes.
B How to be a teacher's favourite.
C How the good habit of reading can be beneficial.
D The hotness of molten lava
Ans:C How the good habit of reading can be beneficial.

Question: Why did Max's friends tease him?
A They always found him reading and not playing video games.
B Max was a teacher's favourite.
C He was the most popular boy in school.
D All of these
Ans:A They always found him reading and not playing video games.

Question: The project was about __________.
A plants and animals kingdom; Max imitated animal sounds quite well
B volcanoes; Max had read about them recently and knew a lot about volcanoes
C both A and B
D neither A nor B
Ans:B volcanoes; Max had read about them recently and knew a lot about volcanoes

Question: What was the advantage of having read about volcanoes beforehand?
A Max and his team got extra marks.
B The teacher did not give them homework.
C Max was made the class president.
D Max and his team earned an A+ in their science project.
Ans:D Max and his team earned an A+ in their science project.

Question: Which word in the passage means the same as 'flare up'?
A Volcano
B Assigned
C Erupt
D Organise
Ans:A Volcano


Read the Below Passage:- 

One day, a ragged beggar was creeping along from house to house. He carried an old wallet in his hand and was asking at every door for a few cents to buy something to eat. As he was grumbling at his misfortune, he kept wondering why it was that folks who had so much money were never satisfied but were always wanting more. "Here," he said, "is the master of this house–I know him well. He was always a good businessman, and he made himself wondrously rich a long time ago. Had he been wise, he would have stopped then. He would have turned over his business to someone else, and then he could have spent the rest of his life in ease. But what did he do instead? He built ships and sent them to sea to

trade with foreign lands. He thought he would get mountains of gold." "But there were great storms on the water; his ships were wrecked, and his riches were swallowed up by the waves. Now, all his hopes lie at the bottom of the sea, and his great wealth has vanished."
"There are many such cases. Men seem to never be satisfied unless they gain the whole world."
"As for me, if I had only enough to eat and to buy clothing, I would not want anything more."
Just at that moment, Fortune came down the street. She saw the beggar and stopped. She said to him:
"Listen! I have long wished to help you. Hold your wallet, and I will pour this gold into it, but only on this condition: all that falls into the wallet shall be pure gold, but every piece that
falls upon the ground shall become dust. Do you understand?"
"Oh, yes, I understand," said the beggar.
"Then be careful," said Fortune. "Your wallet is old, so, do not load it too heavily." The beggar was so glad that he could hardly wait. He quickly opened his wallet, and a stream of
yellow gold poured into it. The wallet grew heavy.
"Is that enough?" asked Fortune.
"Not yet."
"Isn't it cracking?"
"Never fear."
The beggar's hands began to tremble. Ah, if the gold would only pour forever!
"You are the richest man in the world now!"
"Just a little more, add just a handful or two."
"There, it's full. The wallet will burst."
"But it will hold just a little more!"
Another piece was added, and the wallet split. The treasure fell upon the ground and turned to dust. The beggar had nothing now but his empty wallet, and it was torn from top to bottom. He was as poor as before.

Question: Give a suitable title to the passage.
A The Greedy Beggar
B Fortune and the Gold
C Rich Becomes Richer
D The Beggar and his Gold
Ans: A The Greedy Beggar

Question: How did the master of the house become poor?
A He was robbed.
B His ships sank at sea.
C He was a nice man, he gave away his fortune.
D His fortune was burnt down with his house.
Ans: B His ships sank at sea.

Question: What did the beggar always wonder? He wondered, __________.
A what happened to the master of the house
B when will Fortune visit him
C that why, those who were rich, were never completely satisfied
D what he would do if he had all the riches in the world
Ans: C that why, those who were rich, were never completely satisfied

Question: The beggar's action in the end shows which aspect of his character?
A Satisfaction
B Hunger
C Intelligence
D Greed
Ans: D Greed

Question: Which word in the passage is the opposite of 'good luck'?
A Misfortune
B Fortune
C Wrecked
D Tremble
Ans: A Misfortune



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