CBSE Class 3 English Informal Letter Writing

Read CBSE Class 3 English Informal Letter Writing below, students should read apathit gadyansh or unseen passage for class 3 English available on with solved questions and answers. These topic wise unseen comprehension for class 3 English with answers have been prepared by English teacher of Grade 3. These short passages have been designed as per the latest syllabus for class 3 English and if practiced thoroughly can help you to score good marks in standard 3 English class tests and examinations


Informal Letter


You are Vishnu living in Agra. Your friend Moantoo Singh is very much obsessed. Write a letter to him highlighting the benefits of Yoga to keep physically and mentally fit. You may touch upon the following points :

(i) Very much obsess.

(ii) Yoga therapy can help.

(iii) Melts fat and establishes equilibrium.

(iv) Keep physically and mentally fit.

(v) Hope to act upon


15 Shramik Nagar.

Sardar Bhagat Singh Road


16 March 2019

Dear Moantoo

You are very much obsessed. Yoga therapy can help you. It melts fat and establishes equilibrium in hormonal secretions, blood circulation and nervous system. Thus, you can keep physically and mentally fit by Yoga.

Hoping to be acted upon my advice.

Yours sincerely




Suppose you are Bharat. You topped IX class. The school is going to reward all the meritorious students. Write a letter to your father requesting him to be with you on this ceremony. You may touch upon the following points:

(i) Pleased to know.

(ii) Topped IX class.

(iii) School rewards the meritorious students.

(iv) Annual function 20 Feb. 2018

(V) Your presence will boost up confidence.


11 Vivekanand Hostel

P. G. Road


11 Feb. 2018

My dear Father

it be much pleased to know that I have topped IX class in my school by your blessings. God s grace and my hardwork.

The school is going to reward all the meritorious students at the Annual Function to be held on 20 Feb 2018.

Your presence with me on this ceremony will boost up my confidence.

With best regards to mom and love to Bharati.

Your loving son




Imagine that you are Arun living in Prabha Nagar. Write a letter to your father requesting him to send you money to buy a bicycle. You may touch upon the following points:

(i) your school has been shifted to a new building 5 kilometres away from the town.

(ii) no bus is available to reach school in time.

(iii) necessity of a bicycle.

(iv) request for sending money.


137 Nehru Road

Prabha Nagar

25 July 20

My dear Father

Our school has been shifted to a new building. It is about 5 kilometres away from the town. No bus is available to reach school in time. A bicycle is necessary for me. A new bicycle costs about Rs. 2400/- Please send me the money so that I may purchase a bicycle. I shall reach the school in time. I can do my studies regularly. I hope to get money at an early date.

Please, pay my respects to my dear mother. I remember her very much.

With regards

Your loving son




Imagine that you are Kavita/Kunal reading at Govt. Senior Secondary School Rampur.

Write a letter to your friend Rekha/Tanmay telling her/him about the 'Importance of yoga for health'.

You may touch upon the following points

(i) Maintains health and fights from disease.

(ii) Keeps physically and mentally fit.

(iii) International yoga day

(iv) Regular practice.


School Hostel

Govt. Sr. Sec. School


10 March 2017

Dear Rekha/Tanmay

Thanks for your letter. You wanted to know about the importance of yoga for health. It is as under. Yoga maintains health and fights from diseases. It keeps us physically and mentally fit. The UNO has declared 21 June as International Yoga Day. Regular yogic practice keeps us healthy.

Rest is O.K.

Your loving friend




You are Mohan living at 18. Janta Colony, Jaipur. Write a letter of apology to your friend Sohan whom you have offended by your rude and insulting behaviour. You may touch upon the following points:

(i) Sorry for what happened yesterday.

(ii) Thought it was intentional.

(iii) Rohan told me the truth.

(iv) Ashamed of my rude and insulting behaviour.

(v) Apologize for it.


18 Janta Colony


15 Feb. 2019

My dear Sohan

I am extremely sorry for what happened yesterday during the recess. I though you intentionally aimed the ball at me, to hit me. I lost my temper and said insulting and rude words to you. Rohan who was watching your came told me that rather I had walked into your field and the ball hit me.

Sohan I am ashamed of my rude and insulting behaviour. I apologize for it. Please don't let this incident affect our friendship.

Hoping to be favoured with forgiveness.

Yours sincerely




You are Vishakha living in Sultanpur. You have won the first prize in the debate held in your school recently. Write a letter to your mother telling her about it. You may touch upon the following points:

(i) When and where was the debate held?

(ii) Number of participants.

(iii) Topic of the debate,

(iv) Prize received by you.


21 Raja Surajmal Hostel

Sultanpur Public School


11 January 2018

Dear Mummy

You will be glad to know that I won the first prize in the debate held in our school on 10 Jan.

Twenty-one schools of the Sultanpur district participated in it. The topic of the debate was: In the opinion of the house 'Girls and Boys should have equal rights.

I spoke in favour of the motion. I got a cycle as the first prize.

With kind regards

Your loving daughter




Imagine you are Vinit living in Baroda. Your aunt sent you a dictionary as a birthday gift. Write a letter to her to thank for the gift. You may touch upon the following points :

(i) Thanks for the gift.

(ii) How you celebrated your birthday?

(iii) Whom you invited?

(iv) The usefulness of the gift.


58 Ram Nagar

Air Port


27 March 2019

My dear Aunt

Thanks a lot for sending a dictionary as my birthday gift. I celebrated my birthday by lighting fifteen candle-sticks. All the friends and relatives were invited. Music, dance and sumptuous dishes were the attractions. The party was over at 11.00 p.m.

I received many gifts. But the dictionary, you sent, is the best. Your precious gift is most useful to find meanings of difficult words and for learning correct pronunciation.

Thanks, once again for the lovely gift.

With kind regards

Your loving nephew




You are Deendayal. Your uncle is admitted in Bikaner Hospital, Bikaner for operation. He has asked you for a help of one lac rupee. Write a letter to him showing sympathy by sending money. You are living in Hanumangarh.


21 Dayal Nagar


20 March 2019

My dear Uncle

I am pained to know that you'll be operated upon. But you'll be healthy again. I have enclosed a demand draft of Rs. One lac as you have asked for I pray to God for your speedy recovery.

With kind regards

Your loving nephew




Imagine that you are Reeta living in Raj Nagar. Write a letter to your elder brother telling him about the progress you are making in your studies. You may touch upon the following points :

 (i) half-yearly examination and its results,

(ii) good marks in English, Hindi and Social Science

(iii) weak in Science and Maths.

(iv) steps you are taking to score better marks in the annual examination.


37 Station Road

Raj Nagar

15 January 2018

My dear Brother

I received your letter yesterday. I have come to know that you are very anxious about me regarding my studies.

My half-yearly examinations are over I have got the progress report. I have secured distinction marks in English, Hindi and Social Studios. However, I have not secured good marks in Science and Mathematics. I face difficulty in these subjects I am working hard to improve those subjects. I have joined a coaching institute to remove difficulty in these subjects. I hope I will fare well in the ensuing Board Examinations.

Your blessings will encourage me. Please pay my regards to Bhabhiji and love to baby.

With regards

Your loving sister




Imagine that you are Prakash living in Jaipur. You have received a very bad report about your younger brother Aamir from his Principal. Write a letter to Aamir advising him to work hard and avoid the company of bad boys. You may touch upon the following points:

(i) What is the problem with him?

(ii) How can he get rid of problems?

(iii) Why do you want him to work hard

(iv) What do you expect from him?


137 Johri Bazar


10 March 2019

My dear Aamir

I am pained to receive a very bad report about you from your Principal. You are in a bad company. You do not attend the classes regularly. You are careless about your studies.

You should avoid the company of bad boys. You should play games in the evening. You should study till 10 p.m. You should read news-paper daily. You should attend the classes regularly.

If you do not work hard, you will fail. You will lose one valuable year of your life.

I hope that I will not hear anything against your future.

Your loving brother




You are Vivek Gupta of Barmer. Your younger brother, Montoo, is the Student Union Leader in Jaisalmer. You knew through the columns of The Maroo Dhara Post of 16th March 2019 that he was arrested by the police for making a call for strike on a petty quarrel between two students. He was later released. Write a letter to him not to be negative in his leadership.


21 Chintan Vihar


17 March 2019

Dear Montoo

I know through the columns of The Maroo Dhara Post of 16th March that you were arrested and released by the police.

I would like to advise you, not to be negative in your leadership. You should stage protest for the issues of students' welfare. And that is also should be first through negotiations.

I hope you will act upon my suggestions.

With blessings

Your elder brother

Vivek Gupta



You are Hari. Write a letter of thanks to your elder sister, Harshita for giving you congratulations on your grand success in the examinations through the column 'Messages for Congratulations of The Hindustan Times of 20th June. You are still at the hostel of your school in Kota.


21 Ganesh Hostel

Rajasthan Public School


21 June 2018

My dear Sister

I heartily thank you for the Congratulations through the column "Messages for Congratulations' of the English Daily, The Hindustan Times of 20th June for my grand success.

By your blessings and valuable guidance, it could be possible. I am indebted to you.

With deep regards

Your loving brother




You are Suresh living at 9 Moti Doongri, Jaipur. Your younger sister Reena sent you a good story book. Write a letter to thank her stating how you liked the book. Also, ask her to send you more books. You may touch upon the following points:

(i) Thanks for the book.

(ii) Liked in

(iii) My friend read it and found instructive.

(iv) Send some more books.

(v) Develop interest for reading.


9 Moti Doongri


26 February 2018

My dear Reena

I thank you very much for the book you sent to me. It is a good story book and I like it very much. My friend, Shri Ram Sharma borrowed it from me. He also read it and found it very much instructive.

Please, send me some more books. They will develop interest of reading. Other than my textbooks.

Please, convey my regards to dear father and dear mother.

With love

Your loving brother




You are Naresh living at 44 Sarojini Marg, Kota. Write a letter to your neighbour Mr. Sood about the nuisance of his dog. You may touch upon the following points:

(i) We are good neighbours.

(ii) Look conveniences of each other

(iii) Your dog creating nuisance.

(iv) Biting our children.

(v) Stop its nuisance.


44 Sarojini Marg


2 March 2019

Dear Mr. Sood

We are good neighbours. So, we must look to the conveniences of each other. However, your dog is creating some nuisance. I have already told you about it a few days back. But the problem still continues. Your dog enters the premises of our house and bites children playing there. One day I had to take my grandson to a hospital because of your dog's bite.

I hope you will keep the dog in chains to stop its nuisance.

With good wishes

Yours sincerely




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