CBSE Class 8 Moral Science Question Paper Set C

Read and download CBSE Class 8 Moral Science Question Paper Set C designed as per the latest question paper pattern and Class 8 examination guidelines issued by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. The past year Question Papers for Class 8 Moral Science have been provided with solutions which will help students to assess their performance and find out topics in Moral Science grade 8 which they need to improve to get better marks in Standard 8 exams. After solving these last year papers also refer to solved Sample Papers for Class 8 Moral Science available on our website to build strong understanding of the subject

Moral Science Question Paper Class 8

Students can refer to the below Class 8 Moral Science Question Paper designed to help students understand the pattern of questions that will be asked in Grade 8 exams. Please download CBSE Class 8 Moral Science Question Paper Set C

Moral Science Class 8 Question Paper

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I. Short answer questions (any 5) 

1. What qualities do you think helped Sudha achieve her goals ?

2. What was Sudha's first goal ? Was it realistic ? What did she do to achieve it ?

3. If you had to give a name to the story of Helen Keller on Persistence' what would it be ?

4. Was it the old man's duty to build the bridge ?

5. What is your impression about the old man ?

6. Is having a goal a necessary step towards success ? In what way ?

7. What was Sharma sir's advice to Devender ?

8. Do you think that Devander's anger on the hockey field was justified ?

II. Long answer questions (any three) :- 

1. Do you think that the old man is a responsible eperson ? Give reasons for your answer.

2. What hivedles did Sudha face a long her way ? How did she overcome them ?

3. Has the poem "Acting Responsibly' inspired you in any way" If yes, How ?

4. Who shows guater perseverance in the story - Helen keller or Anne Silliven ? Why do you think so ?

5. Describe Helen Keller's feeling when she couldn't understand the meanings of 'doll' water?

How do you think she felt when she finally understood what these words meant ?

III. Given below are the goals of young people like you. Write two things - that each person can do to achieve his/ her goal ? (any 2) :

1. Anubha wants to became an archited ?

2. Ria wants to become a supermoedel ?

3. Dino wants to make new friends ?

Please refer to attached file for CBSE Class 8 Moral Science Question Paper Set B.

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