CBSE Class 5 Mathematics Question Paper Set F

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Class – V


1) How many times would the digit, 2, be written if you wrote down all the whole numbers from 1 to 100 ?

a) 10       b) 11      c) 19       d) 20

2) The product of the place values of 6 in 438269160, divided by 1000 is

a) 36       b) 3600    c) 60     d) 60000

3) 625 ÷ ____ = 25      

a) 25       b) 625       c) 1       d) 250

4) ________ tens make a crore.

a) 1,00,000   b) 1,00,00,000       c) 1,000       d) 10,00,000

5) (10,000 ÷ 50) X 5 = ______

a) 100          b) 1000                 c) 2000        d) 40

6) Numeral for Eighty crore eighty lakh eighty one is

a) 80,80,081     b) 80,08,881      c) 80,80,00,081      d) 80,80,08,081

7) 3,00,000 ÷ ________ = 300

a) 1000            b) 3000             c) 100           d) 10,000

8) The difference between the predecessor and the successor of one million is _____

a) 1            b) 2            c) 1,000,000          d) 1,000,001

9) What should be subtracted from the greatest 7 digit number to get 65,43,210 ?

a) 12,34,567       b) 99,99,999          c) 12,34,560        d) 34,56,789

10) 10,00,00,000 – 100 = ___________

a) 99,99,99,900      b) 9,99,99,900      c) 1,00,00,900      d) 10,00,00,900

11) (321 X 9) - ______ = 2,888

a) 1             b) 0         c) 2       d) 3

12) 111 X 111 = _________

a) 1,11,111     b) 12,312      c) 12,321      d) 12,121

13) To get a quotient of 700 and a remainder 48 what number should be divided by 100?

a) 748             b) 70,048      c) 70,000       d) 7,048

14) The largest 9 digit number ending with 7 is

a) 77,77,77,777       b) 10,00,00,007       c) 99,99,99,999      d) 99,99,99,997

15) 25 lakhs + 6 thousands + 4 tens = _________

a) 25,06,040      b) 2,56,00,0

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