CBSE Class 3 English Question Paper Set A

CBSE Class 3 English Question Paper Set A. You can download the past year question papers in pdf format with solutions from the links below. The students should practice the question papers of last year which will help them to understand the pattern on the papers and will help them to practice for the exams. You can download the question papers for last 10 years free by clicking links below. Refer to the extract below and download the full pdf file of question papers below.

I. Read the statement carefully and tick (√) the correct answer:-

1. The poem “Under the bed” is written by

a) Lilian Holmes b) Penny Trzynka c) Aileen Fisher

2. Baya`s nest looked like a

a) long stemmed jar b) hill c) ball

II. Say whether the following statement is True or False:- 

1. Baya is also called the Weaver bird.

2. The monster was also very scared.

III. Fill in the blanks:- 

1. Baya found a branch to make his nest.

2. The king got many for his sons.

IV. Frame sentences with the following words:- 

1. shivering

2. bend

V. Give meanings of the following words:- 

1. snug _ _____________

2. still _ _____________

VI. Answer the following questions:- 

1. What type of nest did Baya vow to make?



2. Why was the king sad about his son?



Please click the link below to download the full pdf file for CBSE Class 3 English Question Paper Set A.



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