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Class III English & G.K

Full Marks: 190 Time: 03.00 hrs

1. Peter studies in _____ University of Madras.

a) a b) an c) the d) or

2. Ann had _____ omelette for breakfast.

a) a b) the c) an d) if

3. Sam is _____ European.

a) a b) an c) the d) so

4. _____ Bible is the holy book of the Christians.

a) an b) a c) the d) or

5. Paul met me _____ hour ago.

a) the b) a c) an d) none of the above

6. Ahmed did not come to school _______________ he was sick.

a) and b) but c) or d) because

7. Do you like to have tea _____ coffee?

a) and b) but c) or d) because

8. Cats can climb trees __________ dogs cannot.

a) but b) and c) or d) because

9. You must work hard _____ you will fail in the exam.

a) or b) but c) because d) so

10. This knife is sharp __________ that one is blunt.

a) and b) but c) or d) because

11. Hari‘s father is rich __________ Suman‘s father is poor.

a) and b) but c) because d) unless

12. Seema had a sandwich __________ omelette for breakfast.

a) and b) or c) so d) unless

13. Do you have English _____ Maths next period?

a) or b) but c) and d) because

14. A piece of jewellery worn around the neck.

a) earring b) bracelet c) necklace d) none of the above

15. The light of the sun.

a) moonlight b) torchlight c) sunlight d) streetlight

16. A pan used for frying.

a) saucepan b) frying pan c) cooking pan d) Peter Pan

17. A room used to store things

a) storeroom b) bedroom c) studyroom d) drawingroom

18. A box where you put in the mail.

a) lunchbox b) firstaidbox c) mailbox d) pencilbox

19. A light which is found on the street.

a) sunlight b) streetlight c) moonlight d) torchlight

20. A paper in which news is written.

a) answerpaper b) newspaper c) A4 size paper d) none of the above

21. Work that a teacher gives you to do at home.

a) classwork b) homework c) artwork d) all of the above

22. A rack in which shoes are kept.

a) shoe rack b) bottlerack c) bookrack d) none of the above

23. A cloth that covers the table.

a) tablecloth b) dustingcloth c) silkcloth d) cottoncloth

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