CBSE Class 9 English Practice Worksheet Set H

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WORKSHEET- Revision Worksheet 1 ,SA 1

NAME- DATE-11-9-13

Q1. Read the passage given below carefully : “DAIJA”

It was Monday morning when the phone rang. It was my mother. After talking for a minute, she said “I am giving the phone to someone. Talk to her." "Hello," came a familiar voice and I immediately knew who was at the other end. I was very happy to hear that voice. It had been too long.

"Daija! How are you? When did you come there?"

"Just yesterday. I am fine. How are you?" said Daija

Daija was my grandparents' helping hand for many years. She came to work for them almost 51 years ago. My mother was just seven years old then. Daija came unannounced. She had heard that my grandparents were looking for a maid and she travelled for two days to apply for the job. She was around 20 years old then.

Daija was puny. She frequently laughed out loud. Her husband had left her for another woman but this had not embittered her about life. Slowly, she became part of the family. Her real name was Kamlaben but my mother would call her “Daija" affectionately and it stuck to her for the rest of her life. Her personality was such that she became the life of every festival and get-together. She was a good dancer and though she did not have a good voice she enjoyed singing too. When my mother was married and moved to another town, Daija cried more than my grandmother. When my mother was pregnant she came to live with her. Every winter, we used to go to our grandparents’ place for holidays and she became our playmate. She would hide some special food from my grandmother to give us later.

My grandmother could not do without her. When my grandfather died 10 years ago, she became my grandmother's sole companion. They had disagreements but that didn't bother either of them.

But once grandfather was gone, Daija started feeling insecure. My grandmother, who was six years older than Daija, was also not keeping well. Daija would take care of her but who would take care of Daija? She was already 72. One day, she came to my mother and took out about Rs. 6,000, which she had saved. She said "Kamala, please secure a place for me in an old age home. I may not be staying here for a long time." My mother dismissed her but that act remained in her mind. Sometimes, she would discuss Daija’s future with my father.

Daija, too old by now to do everything herself, had other maids helping her. She was now the task manager. At times, we could not differentiate her from our grandmother. She was as influential.

Then, one day after 45 years, without warning, her husband came to visit her. She had no feelings. She had not seen him for all these years. The other woman had passed away leaving her grown-up son, who was earning decent lives for themselves. The husband himself had made a name in palmistry. Now he was expecting her to come back. She was not sure. He left without an answer. It took her a long time to decide. She finally decided to go .The day she left, a vacuum was created in our lives. There was no one to take her place. Today, we miss her laughs, her unconditional love and her spontaneity. She still visits my grandmother on every festival. These days, Daija has been travelling around with her husband, and his son takes care of her.

Some people like Daija leave a void in lives, and are always remembered.

On the basis of your reading of the above passage, complete the following statement briefly: 

1. Daija came to their house _____________________________________.

2. Daija’s personality was ________________________________________.

3. Her husband had _____________________________________________.

4. The narrator could not differentiate between Daija and her grandmother because_____________________.

5. Daija wanted to go to an old age home because_________________________.

Q.6 Read the poem given below and answer the questions:


Subramania Bharati

Wind, come softly.

Don't break the shutters of the windows.

Don't scatter the papers.

Don't throw down the books on the shelf.

There, look what you did - you threw them all down.

You tore the pages of the books.

You brought rain again.

You're very clever at poking fun at weaklings.

Frail crumbling houses, crumbling doors, crumbling rafters,

crumbling wood, crumbling bodies, crumbling lives,

crumbling hearts -

the wind god winnows and crushes them all.

He won't do what you tell him.

So, come, let's build strong homes,

Let's join the doors firmly.

Practise to firm the body.

Make the heart steadfast.

Do this, and the wind will be friends with us.

The wind blows out weak fires.

He makes strong fires roar and flourish.

We praise him every day.

Wind, come softly.

Given below is the summary of the poem. Fill in the blanks with suitable words to complete the summary. Use only one word for each blank.

The poet begins by

a) …………… the wind to blow softly and not cause havoc by breaking window shutters,scattering paper or throwing books on the shelf. The poet

b)…………… against the wind since it has torn the pages of the books and has brought rain again. The poet feels that the wind is extremely clever as it

c) ……………….fun of those who are weak. It does not like anything weak. Everything that

d) …………….easily be it houses, doors, wood or rafters, is

e) ……………….mercilessly by wind. Besides, it also crushes weak bodies, lives and hearts. The poet

f) ………………wind to a God who doesn't do what people tell him to. The poet offers a

g) ……………….to help humanity. He appeals to people to be firm, positive and strong both physically as well as mentally. They must have a

h)……………….heart if they want to be friends with wind. If we are strong then wind will not only

i) …………… us but also aid us in achieving success and in flourishing. It is

j)……………to be friends with wind.

Q.7 These days more and more children prefer processed and fast foods. This is leading to obesity and other diseases. Study the information given below regarding the advantages and disadvantage of natural and processed foods:

Natural foods Processed foods


1. fresh and tasty 1. can last long

2. healthy/nutritious 2. packed in bottles/cans

3. cheap 3. may be tasty


1. perishable 1. contain chemicals and additives. 

2. have to buy daily 2.side effects

3.may cause diseases

Using the information given above, write a comparison of the two kinds of food for your school magazine in 80 words. The description should include-

1. a comparison of the two types of foods

2. what should be the right choice, and

3. reasons for the choice.

Q.8 You have noticed many stray animals on the road during the busy hours of the day. Write aletter to the editor of a leading newspaper about the nuisance created by the stray animals.

Sign your name as Kriti/ Krishnan. (120 words)

Q.9 Choose the most appropriate option from the ones given below to complete the following passage.

Three years ago, fresh (a)……….. of school, I (b) …….. the intimidating task of choosing a career (c) …………

started. My uncle, (d) …………… of the elders of the

family, suggested (e) ……….. I do a summer job (f) ………… a multinational company followed by a month of social service with an NGO. He said that (g) ………….. that I could



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