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READING (10 Marks)

1. Read the following paragraphs and answer the questions that follow

Rice is Nice

The Chinese proverb “Without rice, even the cleverest woman cannot cook” is true for innumerable Indians too. Eaten simply boiled, rice is the world’s most important staple and it’s also had as delectable pulao, biryani, idli, appams, puddings or kheer. And the grain is available in a myriad of varieties the world over.It’s not fattening Contrary to some urban myths, scientists and diet experts know that rice is good for you and can’t make you heavier. It mainly comprises carbohydrates that do not add kilos if consumed in moderation. An average 100gm serving of rice has only about 0.4 gram of fat and no more than 100 calories.It’s easy to digest Rice kanji is therefore a home remedy for diarrhea. In fact the kanji, with a few accompaniments, like coconut chutney and cooked beans, makes for a healthful meal that millions in Kerala enjoy. White or brown? Unpolished brown rice may not be as popular as white, but is a good source of complex carbohydrates providing starch and fibre. It takes relatively more time to digest allowing the body to consume the energy released over an extended period. Brown rice is also richer in B vitamins, vitamin E and minerals like manganese and selenium, which makes it more nutritious than white varieties. However, white rice, too has calcium and essential B vitamins niacin and thiamine.It’s healthful Since rice has no cholesterol o sodium, it is safe for those suffering from hypertension. Diabetics who prefer rice daily could choose brown. Cook it right Wash and then soak the grains for 15 minutes before pressure cooking in just enough water that would have steamed away by the time the rice is cooked. This way you don’t drain away water-soluble nutrients.

1. The myth for rice eating ____________________________

2. Rice cooking is ____________________________________

3. Brown rice is better because __________________________

4. Myriad means_______________________________________

5. Pressure cooking saves__________________________________

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow

1. Have we, as a generation, succumbed to negative thinking? If we have ,may be this explains why more young people today are seeking solace in spirituality despite claims that the younger generation is moving away from tradition and religion. Modern concepts and changing lifestyles have ensured that spirituality for the young is not confined to mere idol worship-it is more about seeking deeper truth and attaining self knowledge.

2. Most of the people are looking for ways to get rid of the negativity that seems to engulf their lives. The spiritually inclined youngster believes in seeking her true nature. And she believes that constantly dwelling on the hidden self is the only way to experience true happiness that will sustain her despite external pulls and pressures.

3. Young people today are talking seriously about ‘development of the soul’ through purification of thoughts and feelings. Embracing New Age faiths for a happie state of being, they are turning towards practices like meditation, and chanting to stay calm. There is a health angle too: These alternatives are often more effective than medical prescriptions when it comes to dealing with stress and anxiety.

4. Students –regardless of whether they were associated with a religious organization- are keenly interested in learning spiritual value systems that wouldenable them to face life better .A Delhi university student told me, “Striving for peace in the world is a foolish pursuit unless one has a peaceful mind.” For, once the mind is dealt with, it is easier to handle worldly affairs.

5. When I asked a 25-year-old London University graduate to define spirituality, his one word answer was: “Naturalness”. Realising one’s state of being and constantly getting back to the same thought is very essential to retain this natural state. A clear mind is a prerequisite to a healthy body. With the breathing technique of sudarshan Kriya, he says that he, and indeed many young people like him, have been able to focus better on their personal and professional lives.

6. The young are discovering that realizing the abundant energy within them can be a source of great joy. Living in the present moment is something that this generation is more likely to identify with, faced as it is increasingly with theimpermanence of life. Training in basic and meditation has brought about a drastic change for the better among many.

Choose the most appropriate option out of the following

(i) The young take refuge in spirituality because they

  (a) believe in God and idol worship.

  (b) believe in tradition and religion.

  (c) desire to go deeper into the real truth and attain self-realisation

  (d) are fed up with the age of skepticism.

(ii) What is the secret of attaining true happiness? Is it by

  (a) accumulating more and more wealth

  (b) world success and high status

  (c)keeping one’s mind of realization of self

  (d)happy family life?

(iii)How can one have a clear and peaceful mind in this life of stress and anxiety.

Choose the correct option? Is it through-

  (a) pure thoughts and meditation

  (b)dutifulness and humility

  (c)spirituality and physical exercises

  (d)mutual trust and cooperation?

(iv) What is the passage about? Choose the correct option .

  (a)the importance of self realization

  (b) the right way of life

  (c) the art of keeping life stress free

  (d) the key to success in life

(v)The correct meaning of ‘pre-requisite’ is :

  (a)an essential ingredient

  (b)urgent and important

  (c)required as a condition for something to exist

  d) most superfluous thing.

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