CBSE Class 9 English Practice Worksheet Set C

CBSE Class 9 English Worksheet (3) - Practice worksheets for CBSE students. Prepared by teachers of the best CBSE schools in India.



Read the following passage carefully


Flowers are among the most frequently given gifts. There’s a traditional floral language and a carefully selected bouquet or plant can convey a wide range of emotions and sentiments. Red roses symbolise love as well the hopeful beginning of a new enterprise; white can stand for sympathy and support, or fond memories; yellow usually connotes friendship; violets beseech the recipients not to forget the donor; orchids and other exquisite blooms indicate that the recipient regards you as exotic, precious and rare.

A floral gift that evokes warm feelings will be prized more than one that is simply showy and extravagant. In the early 1970s, Mumbai journalist Jessica Jacob was feeling lonely and homesick while studying at an American University when she received a bouquet of roses from a friend in India. “In those days, sending flowers abroad was very rare,” Jacob says, “and the gift immediately made me feel wanted and cared for.”

A more ambitious floral gift was received by novelist Shobha De. “Four years ago,” De recalls, “I received a wheel barrow from a friend on my birthday which contained a spectacular flower arrangement. I kept the barrow at the entrance. Everybody loved it.”

In most circumstances, money can be a suitable gift. From the donor’s point of view, it’s a convenient item to give since, as the saying goes, “You don’t have to shop around because it’s always the right colour.” Recipients, too, find it more practical. Sarla Sant Kumar of Chennai still wryly recalls the 16 lamps that she and her husband received as wedding gifts 22 years ago. If we’d got cash or gift vouchers, we could have bought things we needed for our house,” Sarla says.

Sometimes, though, the recipient may feel slightly at your not making any effort to find the right gift. Money can also be an ephemeral gift – often there’s no trace left, once it’s spent, of your generosity.

1.1 Read the following summary of the information given in the passage and fill in each of the spaces:

Flowers are the commonest of (a) _________________. If properly selected, flowers are quite capable of (b) _________________ our feelings. Different colours of roses express different (c) _______________________. The (d) ________________________ of feelings evoked by flowers is very (e) ____________________________. Many can also at many times an ideal choice as a (f) ________________.

1.2 Answer the following questions briefly.

(a) Give two reasons that make flowers a wonderful gift:

(b) What made Jessica feel wanted and cared for?

(c) How is money useful?

(d) It is useful for the giver because ____________________________________________________.

(e) It is useful for the recipient because _________________________________________________.


1. You are Pawan/Preeti. Prepare a speech to be presented in your school’s Science Day celebrations on how Scence or Technology can be misused in different ways to adversely affect our health. You may use the ideas given below to prepare your speech.


--Unhygienic Junk Food

--Pesticides in Plantations and Perfumes

--Chemicals in Cosmetics

--Toxins in Soft drinks

--Artificial Measures to Ripen Fruits and Promote Yields from the Fields

2. Write an article for your school magazine on the scenic beauty of mountain peaks, melting now and posing a threat to low lying areas. (150-175 words)


1. In the following passage, one word has been omitted and indicated by a blank. Write the omitted word in the blank.

We believe firmly that about 50 years hence, there (a) _____________________ be no trees and the entire environment will be polluted. We also fear that (b) ______________________ may be a nuclear war and man (c) ____________________ start living on Mars. People (d) _______________________have no emotions and would care (e) ________________________ no one. The world as we know will have ceased (f) _____________ exist.

2. Combine the following sentence with the words (connectors) given below:

Whereas, though, when, that, if

(a) Anju is very tall. She cannot walk fast.

(b) I think you’ll feel comfortable. Open your top shirt buttons.

(c) Ira likes South Indian dishes. Her sister loves Gujarati food.

(d) Honey will be our troop leader. Everyone knew it for last one week.

(e) I was getting ready to go to see a new English movie. One of my cousins arrived at that time only.

3. Write down the appropriate form of the words given in the brackets to complete the passage.

Gaurav (a) _______________ (enter) the room after knocking at the gate. The doctors (b) _________________ (discuss) the current problems in the medical profession. When he (c) _________________ (knock) and (d) _____________ (enter) the room. It (e) ___________________ Monday and all doctors (f) _________________ (talk) about new medicines. He (g) ____________ (want) to brief the doctors about new findings of Ranbaxy. But they (h) ___________________ (not have) time to talk on that medicine as they (i) ____________________ (analyse) the finding of American doctors on a quicker treatment. They (j) ________________ (thank) him for the literature he had left with them to study later.

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