CBSE Class 3 Computers Learn to use Ms Word Worksheet

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Worksheet for Class 3 Computers Learn to use Ms Word

Class 3 Computers students should refer to the following printable worksheet in Pdf for Learn to use Ms Word in Grade 3. This test paper with questions and solutions for Standard 3 Computers will be very useful for tests and exams and help you to score better marks

Learn to use Ms Word Class 3 Computers Worksheet Pdf

Microsoft windows provide a variety of application program that allow you to type text, correct mistakes, add picture, change the text, color it and do much more work doing all this on a computer is called word processing. A word processor is computer software that helps you to type the text on computer.MS word 2010 is the most popular word processor used nowadays.

Some of the advantages of a word processer are as follows:
1. You can correct spelling mistakes.
2. You can also change the order of sentences and paragraphs.
3. You can change the font size, style and color of the text.
4. You can count the number of words in your text.
5. You can insert a picture in the document.
6. You can easily print out your documents.

To start MS word, follow the given steps:
1. Click on the Start Button on the desktop.
2. Select and click All programs.
3. Click on Microsoft Office.
4. Select and click Microsoft Office Word 2010, from the drop down list.
A new window appears on the screen. Its various parts are as mentioned below.

Title bar
Title baris present at the top of the window screen. It displays the file name and the name of the current program. It also contains three button: minimize, maximize (01 restore) button and close button.
Quick access toolbar
It is present at the left corner of the Title bar. You may open and save documents by just one click. You can place the Quick Access Toolbar above or the ribbon.
The Ribbon contains two parts- Tabs and Groups. Each tab contains commands arranged in different groups for carrying out different tasks. Home Tab is used for editing and formatting text.
Scroll Bars
There are two Scroll Bars– the Horizontal Scroll Bar and the vertical Scroll Bar. Horizontal scroll bar shifts the document left and right. Vertical scroll bar shifts the document up and down.
There are two rulers in MS word to measures the alignments of text in a document. The Horizontal Ruler measures the width of the document starting at the left counts equal space at the both margins (left and right). The Vertical Ruler measures the length of the document starting from the top margin. It counts equal space at the top and bottom margins.
Status bar
Status bar displays the information like page number and the number of words in a document.
To create a new document, follow the given steps;
1. Click on the ‘File’ tab.
2. From the drop down menu, select ‘New’.
3. In the middle pane, double click on ‘Blank Document’ to create a new word document.
You may also single click on ‘Blank Document’ and then click on ‘create’ button in the bottom right.
Formatting means changing the font size, style, and color of the text. We can format our document by using different commands in the Font group. Before formatting you must see the text that you wish to format.
Selecting the text means choosing the text you want to edit. When the text is selected it is highlighted. You can select a part of the text or the whole text according to your requirements. You can select the text by using the mouse or the keyboard.

A Very Short Answer Question

1. How do you select a paragraph?

We can select a paragraph by clicking three times anywhere in the paragraph.
2. How do you insert a new line?

A new line is inserted by pressing enter key.
B Short Answer Questions

1. Give two uses of MS-Word 2007?

Make a timetable & type an essay.
2. Write the steps to create a new document in MS Word 2007?
1. Click on office button
2. Click the new options.
3. Select blank document and click on create button.
C Extra Questions

1. What is Word processor?

A word processor is application software that helps you to type many things such as a poem, a paragraph or a report on your computer.
2. Which is the most popular word processor?

MS- Word is the most popular word processor.
3. Name different types of Word processor?

MS-Word, Notepad, WordPad, WordStar, Open Office Writer, WordPerfect and PageMaker.
4. Write two features of MS- Word?

1. You can edit words & sentences.
2. You can Cut, copy & paste text.

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