NCERT Class 5 EVS Walls Tell Stories

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Walls Tell Stories Class 5 Environmental Studies NCERT

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Walls Tell Stories NCERT Class 5


10. Walls Tell Stories

Reached Golconda

At last we reached Golconda. We were glad that didi was with us. Didi studies history and we enjoy visiting different places with her.

Shailja: My goodness! This fort is so huge.

Shreedhar: And see at what a height it is built!

Kalyani: Just look! Have you ever seen such a huge gate?

Shailja: It must be very heavy. I wonder how many people would be needed to open and close this gate.

Kalyani: Look at these sharp iron spokes. I wonder why they were made?

Shailja: Look at these thick walls too.

Shreedhar: I have never seen such thick walls.

Kalyani: At some places, a part of the wall comes out in a round shape. I wonder why?

Didi:These are called bastions (burj). See these are even higher than the wall. The outer wall of this fort has 87 bastions. Thick walls, a huge gate and so many bastions! So many ways to ensure security!


  • Why were bastions made in the fort wall?
  • Why were big holes made in them?
  • What difference would be there if you were to look from a straight flat wall or a bastion at a height?
  • How would the soldiers find peeping from the holes in the bastions useful while attacking?
  • What did we find inside the fort?

Shailja: I wonder how old this fort would be? Do you think the king built the fort so that he could live here?

Kalyani: It was written outside that Qutubshahi Sultans ruled here one after another, from 1518-1687.

Didi: Much before that, in 1200, this fort was made of mud and different rulers lived here.

Shailja: Oh look! This board has a map of the fort.

Shreedhar: This map shows so many gardens, fields and factories. See, there are many palaces also inside the fort.

Shailja: That means that not only the Sultan, but many other people like farmers and workers must also have been living here.

Kalyani: It must have been a complete tow

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