CBSE Class 7 Maths Activity 4

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(a) To get a median of a given triangle from any vertex by paper folding and to verify that in a triangle, medians pass through a single point.

(b) To get an altitude of a given triangle from any vertex by paper folding and to verify that in a triangle altitudes pass through a single point.

Learning Objective : To understand the concept of a median and an altitude of a triangle.

Pre-requisite :  Familiarity with elements of triangles (vertices, sides and angles), types of triangles. Knowledge of median and altitude of a trangle, skill of paper folding.

Materials Required : Thick papers, a pair of scissors, coloured pencil, a ruler.

Procedure : (a) 

Step 1. Cut out a triangular shape from a thick paper and name it as ABC [Fig. 4(a)].

Step 2. Fold the side AC on itself so that vertex C falls on vertex A. Mark the point of intersection of the line of fold with AC as P [Fig. 4(b)]. P is the mid point of AC.

Step 3. Similarly, find mid points of sides AB and BC and mark them as Q and R respectively [Fig. 4(b)].

Step 4. Now fold the triangular cut out to create a crease along BP. The crease thus obtained is the median from vertex B on the side AC. [Fig. 4(d)].
Step 5 Similarly, get medians from vertex A and C as AR and CQ. [Fig. 4(d)].

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