CBSE Class 4 English Pronouns Assignment Set A

CBSE Class 4 English Assignment (10)-Pronouns. Students are advised to refer to the attached assignments and practise them regularly. This will help them to identify their weak areas and will help them to score better in examination. Parents should download and give the assignments to their children for practice.


Pronouns are words that are used in place of nouns in a sentence. Pronouns save the

repetition of nouns. Some of the common pronouns are - he, she,you ,they, it, we ,etc.

Pronouns are of different types based on their use.

Read the following sentences.

Rita is a good student. Rita completes her homework everyday. Rita has many friends.

Rita also dances well.

In the above sentence, Rita has been used over and over again. Don’t you think this

sentence sounds awkward? Now read the sentence given below.

Rita is a good student. She completes her homework everyday. She has many friends.

She also dances well.

In the above sentence, Rita has been replaced by with ‘she’. Now the sentence is



Fill in the blanks with suitable pronouns.

1. Mother brought some chocolates._____________ are in the jar.

2. Neha loves _______ mother. ______ cannot live without _______.

3. Vinit is not alone. Jay and Vinay are with ________.

4. The dog is hurt.________ must be in pain.

5. Tia has a new video game . ____________ likes to play with _______ .

6. Sania and Aamir are going to the market with ________ parents.

7. Get the file. The boss wants _____ now.

8. Arun is a good doctor. ______ takes care of ______ patients.


1. Personal Pronouns.

2. Possessive Pronouns.

3. Reflexive Pronouns.

4. Relative Pronouns.

5. Demonstrative Pronouns.

6. Interrogative Pronouns.

7. Indefinite Pronouns.


Personal Pronouns are used in place of the names of persons, animals and things in a

sentence. There are three forms of personal pronouns:

· First person or the person speaking ( I, me, we, our, us, etc.)

· Second person or the person spoken to (you and your)

· Third person or the person spoken about (He, she, it , they, them, their, him, her).


She is intelligent.

They are playing chess.

He sent me a letter.

It is raining.

We love our country.

I have invited them.


Fill in the blanks with suitable personal pronouns.

1. They are good in studies like ______________.

2. Aisha has gone to the market with ______________ mother .

3. ______________ live with them in that village.

4. ______________ should not worry about him.

5. The dog is hurt, so, ______________ is limping.

6. The boy and his dog that ______________ saw yesterday are lost.

7. ______________ is one of the boys who is careless.

8. Let us fight it out. ______________ is our problem.


Fill in the blanks with suitable Possessive pronouns.

1. These crayons belong to me. These crayons are __________.

2. These clips belong to her .These clips are __________.

3. This house belongs to him. This house is __________.

4. The horse belongs to them. The horse is ___________.

5. You must learn to keep your things neatly. The things are _______________.

6.These cows belong to us. These cows are _____________.


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