CBSE Class 10 Revision Worksheet (6)

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CBSE Class 10 Revision Worksheet (6)

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1) From the front page of the newspaper choose any one news item and underline the verbs. Also write down their tense. Paste the newspaper cuttings in your grammar note book along with the newspaper date. (Do this for 30 days).

2) Read Unit 1, 2,3 & 4 from your Main Course Book and complete the following worksheets from BBC

i) Worksheet 44 on Pg 107 Grammar: Worksheet 100 – Pg 243

ii) Worksheet 45 on Pg 109 Worksheet 99 - Pg 241

iii) Worksheet 47 on Pg 113 Worksheet 93 – Pg 229, 228

iv) Worksheet 49 on Pg 117 Worksheet 106 – Pg255, 256

v) Worksheet 66 on Pg 163

vi) Worksheet 67 on Pg 165

vii) bbc class test on Pg 179

3) Conduct a survey of your society and find out about child labour. Write an article about any one such child you have met.

4) Make a power point presentation taking ideas from the last unit of MCB. Add new concepts and your own views.

5) Read any collection of short stories by RUSKIN BOND and write a review on that.

6) Read stories from READERS DIGEST.

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