CBSE Class 11 Chemistry VBQs Basic Concepts of Chemistry

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CBSE Class 11 Chemistry VBQs Basic Concepts of Chemistry. Value based questions are very important and always form part of examinations and class tests. Students are requested to download the VBQs and practice them to get better marks in examinations. 




Question 1 Two friends Riya and Pooja were discussing that which is better for expressing the concentration of a solution: Molality or Molarity ?Pooja told Riya that Molality is considered better for expressing the concentration as compared to Molarity and explained the reason as well.

(i) What would be the explanation of Pooja?

(ii) What are the units of molarity & molality?

(iii) What is the difference between molality & molarity?

Question 2. Mohan learnt the term mol in his chemistry class. He discussed the term mol with her elder sister Anshika. Anshika explained about and then Mohan got satisfied.

(i) What was the probable answer given by Anshika ?

(ii) What for term mol stands?

(iii) What values are associated with Anshika?

Question 3. Radhika ,Supriya and Hema were asked by the PGT chemistry to find the mass of a metal piece independently one by one using the same balance and same weight box. Each student was asked to take three observations. The students reported their result as shown in the following table: 


If the actual mass of the metal piece is 1.325g and the permitted uncertainty in the measurement is 0.001g, answer the following questions:

(i) Whose measurement is both accurate and precise? Justify your answer.

(ii) Whose measurement is precise and not accurate Justify your answer?

(iii) Whose measurements are neither accurate nor precise? Justify your answer.

(iv)  Mention the associated value or values with these observations.

 Please click the link below to download CBSE Class 11 Chemistry VBQs Basic Concepts of Chemistry.


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