Class 10 English Virtually True Summary and Important Questions

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The story is about the world inside psycho-drive computer games which are played by the power of the mind and can be quite dangerous if someone gets trapped inside one of the games. The memory of Sebastian Shultz gets trapped inside his laptop when his head bangs against his laptop during an accident. He slips into a coma with little hope of survival. Another boy, Michael stumbles upon Sebastian while playing one of the games called Wildwest. Sebastian appears dressed as a sheriff and tries to escape from the game but is shot at by one of the men and the game ends. Michael finds himself outside the game and receives a plea of help from Sebastian to help him by playing another game-Dragonquest. Michael responds by entering the game and finds that the game entails that he save a princess called Aurora who is trapped in a tower guarded by a dragon. But before he can save the princess he once again meets Sebastian dressed as a knight who calls out to him to help him escape from the game. The game ends before he is able to save Sebastian, who is eaten up by the dragon. The next day he again receives a message from Sebastian asking for help. He now asks him to try and save him through the game, Jailbreak. Michael responds by entering the game but once again fails to rescue him. Finally Sebastian sends him a message to try for the last time and play the game, Warzone. This time Sebastian is able to rescue Sebastian at the last moment. Simultaneously, he gets to read the news of the miraculous recovery of Sebastian in the hospital. This leaves Michael wondering how real the virtual world of computer games was.
Q.1 Exercises

(a) According to the newspaper, what has happened to Sebastian Shultz?
Ans. According to the newspaper Sebastian Shultz had recovered miraculously after an accident. He was in coma after a head injury he suffered in a motor accident. The doctors tried to help but they gave up. It was a miracle that Sebastian Shultz regained consciousness.
(b) 'Dad's nutty about computers.' What evidence is there to support this statement?
Ans. The evidence to support the statement - 'Dad's nutty about computers' are as follows:
• His father had a computer with high end configuration complete with speakers, printer, modern and scanner.
• Michael said - Dad couldn't resist any of the new gadgets or gizmos that came on the market. That was why we went to the Computer Fair. We came away with a virtual reality visor and glove, and handful of the latest interactive psycho-drive games.
(c) In what way did the second game seem very real?
Ans. The second game seemed real as it was based on the famous story where a prince comes to rescue a princess imprisoned by some wicket giant. The princess had long golden hair. Most of the teenagers are familiar with the story so it seemed real.
(d) The last game has tanks, jeeps, helicopters, guns and heading would you put this and the other games under ?
Ans. The last game and the other games were life-simulation-role-playing games and they falls under the genre of action-adventure and war games.
(e) What was Michael's theory about how Sebastian had entered the games?
Ans. Michael's theory described Sebastian as entering the games through a laptop computer. According to him Sebastian must have been playing a virtual reality game just like him and entered the game into the computer through the use of gizmos like visor and gloves.
Q.2 Read these lines from the story, then answer the questions.

(a) 'That was my idea' said Sebastian excitedly.' If only it would go a big faster. Where was Sebastian when he spoke these word/
Ans. Sebastian was on top of the roof with Michael in the third game called - Jail Break.
(b) What was his idea, and what was he referring to?
Ans. Sebastian's idea was to escape from the rook of the building by using a helicopter. He was referring to the helicopter.
(c) Was the idea a good one, and did it eventually succeed? How?
Ans. The ideal was good but it did not succeed in this game because the helicopter reached late and its speed was slower. The guards and dogs reached the roof before. Sebastian fell off the rook trying to escape from them before the helicopter arrived. Eventually the idea of escape using a helicopter succeeded in the fourth game called Warzone. In that game Michael and Sebastian use a jeep to reach the helicopter and the helicopter was already waiting when they reach the spot. Michael jumped out of the jeep into the helicopter and it begangoing upwards immediately. Sebastian turned rigid but when the tank following the jeep smashed against the jeep Sebastian was thrown into the air and Michael rescued him into his helicopter. This is how both of them escaped using a helicopter.
Q.3 Answer the following questions briefly.

(a) Why did the news of the 'miracle recovery' shock Michael?
Ans. The news of the 'miracle recovery' shock Michael because he did not know Sebastian existed in the real world. He had taken him to be a character in his games. He did not know Sebastian had met with a serious accident and was in coma all this while.
(b) MIchael's meeting with Sebastian Shultz had been a chance meeting. Where had it taken place and how?
Ans. Michael met Sebastian for the first time in a game called Wild west. Michael had bought some virtual reality computer games at a computer fair with his father. He began playing it and entered the game virtually through his visor and glove. Sebastian was the second sheriff who came in the first game in the saloon when Michael, who was the first sheriff in the game, was challenged by black-eyed Jed to come out for a fight. He asked Michael not to follow Jed but follow him and escape.
(c) What kind of computers fascinated Michael and his dad? Why?
Ans. Michael and his dad were fascinated by computers which were latest and new in technology. The computer were to be complete with all necessary peripherals like printer, scanner, speakers and modern. They liked computer which could do any kind of work like paint, create good written documents, play music and create displays.
(d) Describe the first place where Michael was virtually transported.
Ans. Michael was first virtually transported to a dusty track in a town where he burst into a saloon and went to a bar.
(e) What help did Sebastian Shultz ask Michael for? How did he convey this message?
Ans. Sebastian Shultz asked Michael to help him and rescue him from the game. He conveyed the message each time by leaving a printed piece of paper in the printer tray.
(f) Why did Michael fail in rescuing Sebastian Shultz the first time?
Ans. In the first game Michael and Sebastian were trying to escape on a horse. Michael failed in rescuing Sebastian Shultz the first time because Sebastian was shot by the horsemen who were following them.
(g) The second attempt to rescue Sebastian Shultz too was disastrous. Give reasons.
Ans. The second attempt to rescue Sebastian Shultz too was disastrous. In the second attempt they were trying to reach the dungeons as the dragon was chasing them. The dragon got to Sebastian before they could reach the dungeons safely and Michael was not able to rescue him.
(h) Narrate the accident that injured Sebastian Shultz.
Ans. Sebastian Shultz was traveling in a motor car six weeks back and the car met with an accident. He was injured in the head. He was taken to the General Hospital. The doctors described his condition as critical but stable. He was unconscious after the accident.
(i) How had Sebastian Shultz entered the games?
Ans. Sebastian Shultz was playing a virtual-reality game on his laptop while he was traveling in a car. He had entered the game as Michael was transported in the games while playing a character in a virtual reality game. He was already inside the game at the time car met with an accident and he was injured in the head.
(j) How was Sebastian Shultz's memory stored on Michael's disk? Did Michael discover that?
Ans. Sebastian Shultz was inside the game at the time of accident and his memory was inside the laptop. He could not bring his memory out of the laptop so it was stored on the disk there. He became unconscious as his memory was left inside the game. His mother told the press that they had recorded the games and decided to save them. Somehow they got stolen from the hospital. These games reached the computer fair. Michael and his dad bought the same stolen games at the computer fair. When Michael played the disk for playing the game on his computer Sebatian's memory got stored on his disk. Michael had rescued Sebatian and he regained consciousness in the hospital as his memory was regained. Michael did not know anything about it. He read the story of 'Miracle Recovery' in the newspaper and then discovered that Sebastian Shultz's memory had been stored on Michael's disk.
Multiple Choice Questions

Q.1 Michael learnt about the recovery of Sebastian Shultz from:
(a) a woman in a train
(b) the newspaper
(c) the radio
(d) the TV.
Ans. (b)
Q.2 The miracle referred to was:
(a) Michael's recovery from the accident.
(b) Michael's recovery from coma.
(c) Sebastian's recovery from coma.
(d) Sebastian's recovery from an accident.
Ans. (c)
Q.3 Michael loved his father's computer the most because:
(a) it had a Pentium 150 Mhz processor.
(b) it had a 256 RAM.
(c) it had a 1.2 GB hard disk.
(d) he could play psycho-drive games on it.
Ans. (d)
Q.4 Michael and his father had gone to the Computer fair because:
(a) they wanted to check out the latest gadgets and gizmos that had come in the market.
(b) they wanted to buy a visor and glove.
(c) they wanted to buy the latest psycho-drive games.
(d) they went to every fair in town.
Ans. (a)
Q.5 The first game that Michael played was:
(a) Dragonquest.
(b) Wildwest.
(c) Jailbreak.
(d) Warzone.
Ans. (b)
Q.6 Michael met Sebastian while playing:
(a) Dragonquest.
(b) Wildwest
(c) Jailbreak.
(d) Warzone.
Ans. (b)
Q.7 Princess Aurora was a character in:
(a) Dragonquest.
(b) Wildwest.
(c) Jailbreak.
(d) Warzone.
Ans. (a)
Q.8 Sarsaparila refers to:
(a) the princess in one of the games.
(b) a drink that Michael buys in Wildwest.
(c) the helicopter that comes to rescue Michael.
(d) the saloon in the Wildwest.
Ans. (b)
Q.9 The name of the villain in Wildwest was:
(a) Black-eyed Jed
(b) Black-gunned Jen.
(c) Sherriff Dawson.
(d) Sarsaparilla.
Ans. (a)
Q.10 The game Wildwest ended when:
(a) the horse was hit by the men on horseback.
(b) Michael was shot in the back.
(c) Sebastian was hit by a gunshot.
(d) The dragon arrived on the scene.
Ans. (c)
Q.11 In the game Dragonquest, Michael tries to rescue:
(a) the dragon.
(b) the princess.
(c) Sebastian dressed as a knight.
(d) the helicopter.
Ans. (c)
Q.12 Michael and Sebastian escape from the tall tower in the game Dragonquest with the help of:
(a) a rope.
(b) the princess's braids.
(c) the dragon.
(d) the helicopter.
Ans. (b)
Q.13 The name of Michael's cell mate in the game Jailbreak was:
(a) 02478: Shultz
(b) 24780: Shultz
(c) 42870: Shultz
(d) 72840: Shultz
Ans. (a)
Q.14 Shultz and Michael were able to escape from their cell with the help of:
(a) an electronic key.
(b) a swipe-card.
(c) a credit card.
(d) a key.
Ans. (b)
Q.15 Michael and Shultz could not escape from the game Jailbreak because:
(a) the helicopter did not arrive on time.
(b) the boy fell off the terrace.
(c) the sniper shot at them.
(c) the sheriff arrived on the scene.
Ans. (b)
Q.16 Michael was able to connect with Sebastian because he:
(a) had met him at the Computer fair.
(b) had entered his memory stored in the computer.
(c) had bought many CDs.
(d) knew how to teleport himself.
Ans. (b)
Q.17 The game that the boys played as the last attempt was:
(a) Wildwest.
(b) Jai Ibreak.
(c) Dragonquest.
(d) Warzone.
Ans. (d)
Q.18 Before escaping in the helicopter while playing Warzone, the boys rode:
(a) a horse.
(b) a jeep.
(c) a dragon.
(d) a tanker.
Ans. (b)
Q.19 The final score that Michael had made was:
(a) 40,000,000
(b) 4,000,000
(c) 400,000
(d) 400,000,000
Ans. (a)
Q.20 Michael realized that he had been drawn in to play the various versions of the games as:
(a) a solution to Sebastian's coma.
(b) an attempt to revive Sebastian.
(c) an attempt to retrieve Sebastian's memory from the computer.
(d) an attempt to help Sebastian .
Ans. (a)
Q.21 On returning from hospital, Mr Shultz wanted to:
(a) sell h is computer.
(b) buy some computer games.
(c) sell off all the games he had.
(d) prevent Sebastian from playing anymore games on the computer.
Ans. (c)

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