CBSE Class 8 English Unseen Poem 4

Important Unseen Poem for class 8 English

Read the poem carefully and answer the questions that follow Subjective.

When I sailed out of Baltimore,

With twice a thousand head of sheep,

They would not eat, they would not drink,

But bleated over the deep.

Inside the pens we crawled each day, 5

To sort the living from the dead;

And when we reached the Mersey’s mouth,

Had lost five hundred head,

That had no fear of man or sea,

Struck through the bars its pleading face, 10

And I stroked it.

And to the sheep-men standing near,

“You see”, I said, “this one tame sheep ?“

It seems a child has lost her pet,

“And cried herself to sleep.” 15

And every time we passed it by,

Sailing to England’s Slaughter-house;

Eight ragged sheep – men – tramps

training and thieves

Would stroke that sheep’s black nose. 20

                                                                        — William H. Davis

I. Given below is a summary of the poem. Complete it by writing the missing words/phrases against the correct blank numbers :

When the narrator started from Baltimore with (a) ___________thousand sheep, they would neither (b) ___________nor drink. When they (c) ___________the Mersey’s mouth, five hundred sheep had died. There was one wailing sheep that had (d) ___________its little one.

2 Complete the following statements:

(a) ___________ that had no fear of man or sea.

(b) The narrator stroked _____________

3 Find words/phrases from the poem which mean the same as the following:

 (a) a place where sheep are kept (line 5) 

 (b) shepherds (line 12)



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