CBSE Class 8 General Knowledge Sample Paper Set A

Read and download PDF of CBSE Class 8 General Knowledge Sample Paper Set A designed as per the latest curriculum and examination pattern for Class 8 issued by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. The latest Class 8 General Knowledge Sample Papers have been provided with solutions so that the students can solve these practice papers and then compare their answers. This will help them to identify mistakes and improvement areas in General Knowledge Standard 8 which they need to study more to get better marks in Grade 8 exams. After solving these guess papers also refer to solved Class 8 General Knowledge Question Papers available on our website to build strong understanding of the subject

General Knowledge Sample Paper Class 8

Students can refer to the below Class 8 General Knowledge Sample Paper designed to help students understand the pattern of questions that will be asked in Grade 8 exams. Please download CBSE Class 8 General Knowledge Sample Paper Set A

General Knowledge Class 8 Sample Paper

CBSE Class 8 General Knowledge Sample Paper Set A. It’s always recommended to practice as mane sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.

1.  These  tribes  are known  by names  of Rong,  Rongke,  Rongpa  and  Nunpa  and  are found  in Sikkim, kalimpong·and Bhutan. They are alsoknown as

(a) Lepcha  (b)  Naga (c) Apatani  (d)  Korwa 

2.  M.P.Hussain's painting 'Dhak Dhak 'is associated with the actress 

(a) Madhuri Dixit  (b)  Juhi Chawala (c) Madhu Bala  (d)  Meena Kumari 

3. Name the foremost kathak  dancer ofIndia who  isa leading disciple  of Pt. Birju  Mahar aj and alsoa civil servant. She  is

(a) Shovana Narayan (b)  Ragni Devi  (c) Mallika Sarabhai (d)  Radha Reddy 

4. People use snakes inrain dance  in

(a) North America (b)  South America (c)  India (d)  Brazil 

5. Champignon is

(a)  Fish (b) Meat (c)  Fruit (d)  Mushroom

6.  In  1945, which American president made the decision todrop atomic bomb on  Japan? 

(a) Harry Truman  (b)  Roosevelt  · (c) George Washington  (d)  King George- I

7. Who was the first cricketer to score sixsixes in  one over?

(a)  Gary Sober  (b)  Sachin  Tendulkar (c)  WasimAkram  (d)  Sunil  Gavaskar

8.  First host country  towin the world cup was

(a)  Sri Lanka  (b)  India (c)  Zimbabwe  (d)  Australia

9.  Which grain isthe staple food of more  than  one third ofthe world's  population? 

(a)  Rice  (b)  Wheat (c)  Bajra  (d)  Maize

10.  The last words  of  some  famous  people  are given  here. Match  them  with the  person  who  sai these  words

(i)  Hey Ram  (a)  Darwin 

(ii)  I  shall  hear in  heaven  (b)  Gandhi  Ji 

(iii)  It isvery beautiful over there  (c)   Edison

(iv)  I amnot the least afraid  todie  (d)  Beethoven

11.  Name the Indian actress whose work was celebrated  inFrance Film Festival  in  1984.

(a) Smita Patil (b) Shabana  Azmi  (c)  Nargis (d)  Madhu  Bala

12.  This singer has sungover 40000 songs  tilldate in  20languages and has been  honoured with  the Bharat Ratna. Identify the singer.

(a) Lata Mangeshkar  (b)  Sunidhi  Chauhan (c) Shreya ghoshal  (d)  N eeti Mohan

13.  Find the odd one out

(a) Tiger (b)  Lion (c)  Hyena (d)  Rhinoceros

14.  Find the relation

(i)  Hunter:  Gun::  Writer:  ? 

(a)   Book (b) Page (c) Pen (d) Poem

(ii)  Boot:Foot::Glove:? 

(a)   Hand (b) Cloth (c)  Protect (d)  Wool

(a)  F,B  (b)  D,E (c)  E,B  (d)  C,D

15.  A and B are born  tosame parents. C  isfather of A but B is not C's son. What  isB  toC ?

(a)  Niece  (b)  Nephew (c)  Daughter  (d)  Grandson

16.  A, B, C,  D,  E,F aresitting  ina row  .

(i)  D and C areimmediate  neighbors of  E

(ii)  B isneighbor of A only

(iii)  A isfourth  from  F 

17.Who are on two end points?

(a) F,B (b) D,E (c) E,B (d) C,D

18.  Match the folk crafts  totheir  states

(i)  Chikan Work  (a)  Bihar

(ii)  Phulkari  (b)  Uttar  Pradesh

(iii)  Madhubani  Paintings  (c)  Rajasthan

(iv)  Pichwai  (d)  Punjab

19.  Salad  vegetable  'Loufan Sponge'  isrelated  to

(a)  Pepper  (b)  Lettuce (c)  Cucumber  (d)  Tomato

'20.  AsRoti  is toIndia, Tortilla  is to

(a)  Mexico  (b. ) Spain (c) France  (d)  China

21.  Which spice do Europeans  refer to as  'Black  Gold'?

(a)  Salt  (b)  Turmaric (c) Red Chilli  (d)  Pepper

22.  Who said 'Try  not  tobecome a man ofsuccess but rather  tobecome a man of value'  ? 

(a)  Albert Einstein  (b)  Winston  Churchill (c) Marie Curie  (d)  Julius  Caesar

23.  Who said 'One  never notices what has been done, one can only see what remains'  ?

(a)  Marie  Curie  (b)  Julius  Caesar (c)  John  F  Kennedy  (d)  Neil Armstrong

24.  Match the following  books  totheir  authors

(i)  TheGuide  (a)  Bankim  Chandra  Chatterjee

(ii)  Moby Dick  (b)  Pearl S Buck

(iii)  TheGood  Earth  (c)  R.K.  Narayan

(iv)  Anand Math  (d)  Herman  Melville

25.  Arrange the following  words  ina sequence  inwhich they occur  in  a dictionary

(i)  False  (ii)  Fallow  (iii)  Faithful (iv)  Fallible (v)  Faleon (a)  ,  V, , 11,  1

26.  These  tribes are  forest dwellers  found  inBaster  and Koraput.  They  are the sub  group  of  Go tribe. They  are

(a)  Dhurwa (b) Birhor (c)  Mappilla  (d) Bhil

27.  Choose  the most appropriate  option

(i)  Theduke and king are called rogues because

(a)  they didn't have  money.

(b) they were into  preaching.

(c)they were frauds who cheated  people. 

(d) they put up shows  in towns.

(b)  Birhor ·

(d)  Bhil

28.  Peter Wilks had two brothers  who were alive. They  were

(a) Alexander  and Harvey  (b)  William and  Harvey (c)  Willam  and Alexander  (d)  Harvey  and  George

29.  Where  did  Huckhide the bag of  gold?

(a) Under the mattress  (b)  In  the  boat (c)  Ina box  (d)  Inthe  coffin

30.  How  much  was'Jim' sold for by 'king'?

(a) Fifty  dollars (c) Thirty  dollars (b)  Forty  dollars (d)  Eighty  dollars

31.  Who said these words 'You have got a lot toexplain  tous, you and  Tom'? (a) 

 Aunt Sally  (b)  Uncle  Silas (c) Aunt Polly  (d)  Miss Watson

32. Satirical newspaper,  'Charlie  Hebdo'  that came under attack  by two  masked gunmen  on January 7,2015 resulting  inthe death  ofpaper's editor and 11other people,  ispublished in

(a) Spain  (b)  Canada (c)  Italy  (d)  France

33.  Prime  Minister Narendra  Modi  inaugurated  the  13th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas  at  Gandhinagar,  Gujarat  onJanuary 8,2015.Who  among the following was the chief guest  atthe event?

(a) Joko Widodo, President of  Indonesia 

(b)  Donald Ramotar, President  of  Guyana 

(c)   Epeli Nailatikau, President  of Fiji

(d)  Tony  Abbott, Prime Minister ofAustralia 

34. For the  first time caniterised  version of Agni  V missile  was  successfully  test fired  on January 31,2015 from

(a) Odisha Coast (c)  Karnataka Coast (b)  Tamil Nadu  Coast (d)  Andhra Pradesh Coast 

35. Which government has launched Taluka Planning Atlas?

(a)  Gujarat (c)  Rajasthan (b)  West  Bengal (d)  Himachal  Pradesh

36.  Who among the following bas  beenappointed  as  the new chairman  ofSangeet  Natak Akademi in  January 2015?

(a) Arundathi Nag  (b)  Phani Sarma (c) Shekhar Sen  (d)  Raghubir  Yadav

37.  TheUnited Nations general assembly has declared the year 2015 as

(a) International Year of  Seas

(b)  International Year  of  Soils

(c) International Year ofVegetables 

(d)  International Year  of  Food

38. Who among the following has beenawarded the Bharat Ratna  in year2015? 

(a) Atal Bihari Vajpayee  (b)  Lal  Krishna Advani (c) Sonia Gandhi  (d)  Manmohan  Singh

39. Who was the chief  guest  onour Republic daycelebration  m  our school?

(a) Amod Kanth  (b)  Krishna Chaudhary (c) Meghna Sharma (d)  Subhas  Goswami

40. Recently, India  and  United  States  have signed  an agreement  to develop three  smart  cities  in India.Which one  ofthe following is notone ofthat?

(a) Allahabad (b)  Ajmer (c) Bhopal (d)  Vishakhapatnam

41. Which  among  the  following  airports  has become the  world's  busiest  airport  for  international 

(a)    Rajiv Gandhi International  Airport

(b)  Dubai International Airport 

(c)  London's Heathrow Airport 

(d)    Las Vegas  Airport 

42. Tick the correctmeaning ofthe word' Affable' 

(a)   Amiable (b) Grouchy (c)    Reserved (d)  Grumbling

43.  Theword 'Demure' means

(a)    Decorous  (b)  Bold  (c)   Outgoing  (d)  Shy 

44.  What accordin to  you  is  the meaning  ofthe word 'Pragmatic'  ?

(a)   Utilitarian  (b) Unrealistic (c)   Impractical  (d)  lllogical

45. Tick the correct  use of'  Demeanor'

(a)   A calm demeanor is anessential  personality trait

(b)  Thedemeanor ofthe classroom was pathetic . 

(c)  His costume has a bad demeanor. 

(d)  She  hasa wrong demeanor. 

46. Tick the antonym ofthe word 'Approbation '

(a)  Admiration  (b)  Approval (c)  Support  (d)  Criticism

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