CBSE Class 5 Computer Science Sample Paper Set F

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CBSE Class 5 Computer Science Sample Paper Set F. It’s always recommended to practice as mane sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.

1. Attempt all questions.

2. Write complete statement of fill in the blanks and true/false.

Q.1 Answer any five questions : (5×2= 10)

a) Write a short note on “More advanced option”.

b) Describe three main components of an email address?

c) Give at least 3 examples of what can be sent with an email. What

are these called?

d) Write short note on virus.

e) Write the steps for adding new slide.

f) What is anti spyware?

g) Write a short note on Firewall.

Q.2 Answer the following questions. (5×1=5)

a) Write full form of TLD.

b) Write shortcut key to SAVE any file.

c) Write full form of BCC.

d) Write full form of CC.

e) Write shortcut key to insert a new slide.

Q.3 State True/False : (5×1=5)

a) Shortcut key to COPY is CTRL+C.

b) Google is easy to use and extremely fast and returns highly

useful results.

c) Real time textual communication between two users using

computer over internet is known as chatting.

d) You need no special software which blocks annoying pop – ups.

e) Shortcut to run slide show is F2.

Q.4 Fill in the blanks:

( PDF , Ctrl+V , Google , Online , Videos , Sign Out , 1800,



a) There are more than _____ search engines, but the best is _____.

b) Click _____ button to close the e-mail account.

c) Shortcut key to PASTE is _____.

d) Using search engine we can search _____, _____, _____.

e) Instant messaging only works if both parties are _____ at the

same time.

Q.5 Multiple Choice Questions : (5×1=5)

a) The file created in PowerPoint 2007 have _____ extension.

a) .DOCX b) .XLSX

c) .PPTX d) .TXTX

b) If you have to find the files friend.xlsx, friend.docx ,

friends.pptx, you shall search for.

a) fri*.*l b) fri*.????

c) fri????.* d) Any of the above

c) On your desktop computers, _____ offers the most direct way to

locate a file on your computer.

a) Internet Search b) Search companion

c) Both a and b d) None of these

d) In PowerPoint 2007, to convert the image to grey scale ,you shall

have to use

a) Picture Tools b) Ctrl + G

c) Design Tools d) Layout Tools

e) Google allows up to _____ size of files to be exchanged through


a) 10MB b) 25MB

c) 30 MB d) 40MB

Please click the link below to download CBSE Class 5 Computer Science Sample Paper Set F.


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