CBSE Class 6 Computer Science Sample Paper Set A

CBSE Class 6 Computer Science Sample Paper Set A. It’s always recommended to practice as many CBSE sample papers as possible before the examinations. The latest sample papers have been designed as per the latest blue prints, syllabus and examination trends. Sample papers should be practiced in examination condition at home or school and also show it to your teachers for checking or compare with the answers provided. Students can download the sample papers in pdf format free and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for latest sample papers.

Q1. Fill in the given blanks:

a. A ________ is a collection of inter related fields

b. A byte is a collection of ____ bits.

C. Storage device of a computer system is referred to _________

d. _______ is used for large paper drawings such as construction maps.

e. ROM is a ___________ memory and RAM is a ___________memory.

g. The three units of CPU are _________ , ___________ and ____________

h.____________ program is used to copy files on CD/DVD.

Q2. Define the following 

a. CD burning



b. Scanner__________________________________________________________









Q3.Tick the correct answer 0.5x10=5

1.__________is a collection of all the files in an organisation.

(a) field     (b)record       (c)database

2.Windows 7 is a type of ____________ software.

(a)system software    (b)application software    (c)both a and b

3Windows explorer has ______ panes.

(a)2    (b)3    (c)4

4. _________ option is used to check the properties of any file/folder.

(a)Open     (b) Organize     (c)Share with

5.__________ is the convenient way to open any file without going to the actual location.

(a) Group by     (b)Shortcut     (c) Sort by

6. Software are a set of _____________.

(a) programs     (b) files      (c)data

7.A computer represents data using digits ___________.

(a) 1 and 2    (b) ) and 2     (c) 0 and 1

8. ________ view shows large icons of folder/file in right pane.

(a) Details    (b) Tiles      (c) Large Icons

9. ______ option is used to send a copy of the selected file to different locations.

(a) Copy    (b) Send to    (c) New

10. Onscreen Keyboard is available in the sub menu of ___________ .

(a) Accessories    (b) Maintenance    (c) Start up

Q4. Answer in one sentence. (5)

a. Which option is used to make a new empty folder?


b. Which technology is widely used in fields such as video conferencing?


c. Which is the fastest printer?


d. Which output device is used to display video images on the large screen?


e. Which memory is called non-volatile memory?


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