CBSE Class 5 Social Science Question Paper Set K

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1. The ___________________ is Unique Planet in the Solar system.

2. The Variation on the surface of Earth is called___________________.

3. The ______________ of a place is largely dependent on the temperature of air.

4. The Prime Meridian passes through _______________________.

5. The Sun’s rays are vertical near the ______________________.

6. The Earth is divided into ____________________ heat zones.

7. The two end points of the globe are called __________________.

8. The large land masses are called __________________.

9. ________________&_______________are the hill stations in India.

10. A river forms deltas in its ________________course.

11. There are _________________ meridians on the Globe .

12. ______________ daily changes.

13. A plateau is also called_________________.

14. __________ is an imaginary line which passes through two extreme points on a sphere.

15. ___________ are young and very high mountains with conical peaks.

16. The world is divided into _________________ major climatic regions.

17. ___________ has a moderate climate because it is near the sea.

18. Sahara and Patagonia are deserts in __________ and ____ respectively.

19. ___________ zone remains very cold through out the year.

20. __________ are the lines drawn from east to west.

21. ______________ has vast area of loose sand.

22. ____________ is the largest area covered by mountains.

23. The _________ divides the earth into two equal parts.

24. Mountain peaks may be _________ or _____________________ in shape.

25. _____________ has a hot & dry climate.

26. To locate a place on earth we must know its __________ and __________.

27. The Earth is _________________ in shape.

28. Sun is the main source of ________ & ______________for living things.

29. _________ bring the weather conditions of the place they come from.

30. The three heat zones are _______________ ,____________&___________.

31. The ___________ direction is always at the top of a map.

32. Places which are near the sea coast have ____ climate. Place away from the coast have an __ climate.

33. A map is always drawn on a __________ surface

34. _____________ is known as hills of sand in a desert.

35. In the ___________ zone the climate is hot and Humid

36. Temperature ________________ as we move from the equator towards the poles

37. ___ zone is an area lying between the Torrid zone & Frigid zone in both the hemisphere.

38. Places higher than the sea level have a ______________ climate.

39. The Plateau of Tibet is the highest plateau in the world is also known as_____________.

40. ______________ percent of water is covered on the Earth’s surface.

41. ________________ shows the shape, size &location of continents &oceans.

42. The difference in the height and shape of mountains is due to their__________________.

43. __________,_____________,__________ &___________ are the four major directions.

44. There are _____________ continents and ______________ oceans.

45. ________________ are the lines drawn from North to South.

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