CBSE Class 5 Social Science Question Paper Set E

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CBSE Class 5 Social Science Question Paper Set E. You can download the past year question papers in pdf format with solutions from the links below. The students should practice the question papers of last year which will help them to understand the pattern on the papers and will help them to practice for the exams. You can download the question papers for last 10 years free by clicking links below. Refer to the extract below and download the full pdf file of question papers below.

I. Multiple Choice Questions (choose the correct answer) :- 

1. Grasslands cover more than ___________ of the Earth’s land surface.

a. 1/5 b. 2/5 c. 1/2 d. 3/5

2. Saudi Arabia lies in the _______________ of Asia.

a. south-west b. south c. south-east d. north-east

3. The amount of water vapour present in the air is called______________.

a. rain b. dew c. drops of water d. humidity

4. Most of the grasslands of the world are found in the ______________.

a. Tropical Zone b. Temperate Zone c. Frizid Zone d. Torrid Zone

5. The largest hot desert in the world is_____________ Desert.

a. The Thar b. The Sahara c. The Arabian d. The Atacama

II. Read the passage given below:- 

In the first half of the 20th century, there have been two major wars – the First World War in 1914 and the Second World War in 1939. These wars are called the World Wars because they involved almost the whole world. These wars were fought on land, on seas and in the skies. By 1900, the strongest European nations- Britain, Germany and France were jealous of each other’s industrial wealth and envied each other’s colonies overseas. In 1914, war broke out in which Germany, Austria, Hungary and

Please click the link below to download the full pdf file for CBSE Class 5 Social Science Question Paper Set E.


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