CBSE Class 5 Social Science Question Paper Set C

CBSE Class 5 Social Science Question Paper Set C. You can download the past year question papers in pdf format with solutions from the links below. The students should practice the question papers of last year which will help them to understand the pattern on the papers and will help them to practice for the exams. You can download the question papers for last 10 years free by clicking links below. Refer to the extract below and download the full pdf file of question papers below.

I. Multiple Choice Questions (choose the correct answer) :-

1. Grasslands cover more than ___________ of the Earth’s land surface.

a. 1/5 b. 2/5 c. 1/2 d. 3/5

2. The original inhabitants of Greenland are _________________.

a. Europeans b. Inuits c. Americans d. Pygmies

3. Which of the following Indian was elected as the President of the UN General Assembly?

a. Mahatma Gandhi b. Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru c. Mrs Indira Gandhi d. Mrs Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

4. ____________ is celebrated as the United Nations Day every year.

a. 24th October b. 25th October c. 23rd October d. 26th October

5. The two big rivers that pass through the Prairies region of North America are________________.

a. Michingan and Manitoba b. Mississippi and Missouri c. Mackenzie and Ontario d. Colorado and Rio Grande

II. Read the passage given below :- 

Saudi Arabia is a very rich country. This is because of the vast deposits of petroleum in the country. For centuries people in Saudi Arabia have worn clothes that cover them from head to toe despite the heat. This has slowly merged with their religion that considers exposure of any body part in public, offensive. Women wear abaya, a long black cloak, over their normal clothes and a scarf to cover their hair. The practice of covering the head and body is called hijab. Bedouins are the nomadic tribes who inhabit Saudi Arabia. They travel with camels, sheep, goats and horses.

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