CBSE Class 8 Science Question Paper Set D

CBSE Class 8 Science Question Paper Set D. Students can download the last year question papers using the link below. Free download of examination question papers with solutions. Last 10 year question papers should be practised to get better marks in examinations.

1 What is the audible range for human ears? 

2 (i)Where does fertilization of egg take place in humans?

(ii) Give another term used for fertilized egg?

3 List the two factors which determine the height of an individual. 

4 Identify the agent exerting force and the object on which it acts. State the effect of force also.

Drawing water from a well.

5 Explain the cause of friction with the help of a diagram. 

6 (i) What is carbonisation?

(ii) Why is petroleum called ‘black gold’?

7 Name and define the force depicted in the following:

(i) Two inflated balloons stick to the wall after being rubbed with each other.

(ii) A one rupee coin attracted towards a magnet.

8 Explain with the help of three examples each that friction is a necessary evil. 

9 (i) What is the difference between a eukaryotic cell and a prokaryotic cell? Give one example each.

(ii) What is the role of chloroplast in green plants??

10 (i) Multicellular organisms are complex and evolved while unicellular organisms are simple in organization. Give reasons

(ii)Classify the following as unicellular and multicellular organisms/structure:

Hydra , Yeast , A hen’s egg, Paramecium 

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