CBSE Class 3 Moral Science Question Paper Set C

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1. Write the correct Answers. 

i) To cross a busy road what shall we use?

a) Railway Crossing b) Zebra Crossing c) Road Crossing ( )

ii) We shall do our work with _________?

a) Unpunctuality b) Unhonestly c) Punctuality ( )

iii) We should be kind to___________?

a) Only Humans b) Only Plants c) Everyone ( )

iv) We should preserve our __________?

a) Water, electricity , food b) Gold, Silver, ornament c) Toys and dresses. ( )

v) You and your sister are alone at home. Your sister is hungry. What will you do?

a) Watch TV b) Play games c) Make some food for her ( )

II. Fill the Blanks: 

[Environment, helpful, obedience, punctuality, resources.]

i) _______________ means to follow the wishes and suggestion of our parents and elders.

ii) The quality of being on time for a task is _________________.

iii) Kindness is the act of being nice and __________________ to someone.

iv) It is not right to waste our ___________________.

v) We should always keep our ____________________ clean.

III. Read the sentence and write True/False correctly: 

i) It is good and safe for us to obey our parents and elders. [ ]

ii) To harm anyone is the act of kindness. [ ]

iii) We should complete our homework on time. [ ]

iv) We should not harm animals for pleasure and fun. [ ]

v) We should take more food in our plate than we can eat. [ ]

IV. Answer the following questions in short: 

i) Write any two social responsibilities.


ii) Write any two ways in which you can be kind of animals.


iii) What is being obedient for you?


iv) Write 2 ways in which you can be punctual for your school work.


v) What do you do when you find yourself in a problem?


v. Write answers of the following questions in detail: 

i) Write any three responsibilities towards your school?


ii) How do you help your parents, grand parents and your friend’s everyday?


iii) What things will you miss if you are not punctual in your life?


iv) Give two examples where you have faced problems and solved it?


Please refer to attached file for CBSE Class 3 Moral Science Question Paper Set C.


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