CBSE Class 11 Geography Question Paper Set D

Read and download CBSE Class 11 Geography Question Paper Set D designed as per the latest question paper pattern and Class 11 examination guidelines issued by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. The past year Question Papers for Class 11 Geography have been provided with solutions which will help students to assess their performance and find out topics in Geography grade 11 which they need to improve to get better marks in Standard 11 exams. After solving these last year papers also refer to solved Sample Papers for Class 11 Geography available on our website to build strong understanding of the subject

Geography Question Paper Class 11

Students can refer to the below Class 11 Geography Question Paper designed to help students understand the pattern of questions that will be asked in Grade 11 exams. Please download CBSE Class 11 Geography Question Paper Set D

Geography Class 11 Question Paper

CBSE Class 11 Geography Question Paper Set D. Students can download the last year question papers using the link below. Free download of examination question papers with solutions. Last 10 year question papers should be practiced to get better marks in examinations.

Q1. What do you mean by the term areal differentiation? 

Q2. What are surface waves? 

Q3. What do you mean by continental drift theory? 

Q4. Define metamorphic rocks. 

Q5. Differentiate between weathering and erosion. 

Q6. Define Alluvial fans. 

Q7. Which layer of the atmosphere contains ozone? 

Q8. What do you mean by latitudinal heat balance? 

Q9. Define tornados. 

Q10. How are parabolic sand dunes different from Barchans? 

Q11. Discus any three sub branches of human geography. 

Q12. Describe the three stages of development of the universe. 

Q13. Draw and describe the process of rock cycle. 

Q14. Mass movements can be grouped in three major classes. Discuss these classes. 

Q15. Highlighting their significance, discuss any three components of the atmosphere. 

Q16. With the help of a diagram discuss the heat budget of the Earth. 

Q17. Discuss any three types of physical weathering processes. 

Q18. Describe the formation of meanders and oxbow lakes and also draw their well labeled diagram. 

Q19. Discuss the forces affecting the velocity and direction of winds. 

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