CBSE Class 6 Computer Science Question Paper Set F

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Q.1 Tick the correct option : 

(i) Microphone is an/ a ________________ unit.

(a) Input (b) Output (c) Memory (d) processing 

(ii) Combination of 8-bits is called :

(a) Nibble (b) Kilobyte (c) Byte (d) Word 

(iii) Cells are formed by :

(a) Collection of columns (b) Collection of rows

(c) Intersection of rows and columns (d) none of these. 

(iv) A block of text between two strokes of Enter key is called :

(a) sentence (b) line (c) paragraph (d) page 

(v) 1 GB (gigabyte) is equal to :

(a) 1024 byte (b) 1024 KB (c) 1024 MB (d) 1Kilobyte

Q.2 Check whether the following statemtns are true or false : 

(i) ROM is a temporary memory __________

(ii) Software is not a necessary component of computer. __________

(iii) Table Auto Format option is available in Format menu. __________

(iv) We can change the size of rows or columns in a table. __________

(v) Portrait and Landscape are the two types of paper orientation. __________

Q.3 Choose the correct word from the brackets to complete the following statements: 

(i) 0’s and 1’s are called _____ used to represent data in the memory.(bits/ number)

(ii) Physical parts of computer are called __________ . (hardware/ software)

(iii) A column can be resized by dragging the ______ of a that column. (edges/ border).

(iv) Document can be directly printed by pressing Print button on the ________ toolbar. (formatting/ standard)

Q.4 Very short answer type questions - 

1. Which menu has Header and Footer option in it ?

2. Can we see the document in a way it will be printed ? How ?

3. Which function is used to calculate the sum of table values ?

4. Which option of MS-Word offers pre-formatted table styles?

5. What is the expanded form of BITS ?

Q.5 Short answer type questions: 

1. Explain how can we print a document in MS-Word ?

2. What do you mean by data sorting ?

3. How can a new column be inserted in a table ? Explain.

Q.6 Practical + Viva

Please refer to attached file for CBSE Class 6 Computer Science Question Paper Set F.


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