CBSE Class 6 Science Magnetism and Water Assignment

Read and download free pdf of CBSE Class 6 Science Magnetism and Water Assignment. Get printable school Assignments for Class 6 Science. Standard 6 students should practise questions and answers given here for Magnetism And Water Science in Grade 6 which will help them to strengthen their understanding of all important topics. Students should also download free pdf of Printable Worksheets for Class 6 Science prepared as per the latest books and syllabus issued by NCERT, CBSE, KVS and do problems daily to score better marks in tests and examinations

Assignment for Class 6 Science Magnetism And Water

Class 6 Science students should refer to the following printable assignment in Pdf for Magnetism And Water in standard 6. This test paper with questions and answers for Grade 6 Science will be very useful for exams and help you to score good marks

Magnetism And Water Class 6 Science Assignment

CBSE Class 6 - Magnetism and Water. Students are advised to refer to the attached assignments and practice them regularly. This will help them to identify their weak areas and will help them to score better in examination. Parents should download and give the assignments to their children for practice.


I. Choose the correct answers.

1) Magnet has two poles, one of them is:

a) North b) West c) East d) None of these

2) The magnetic properties are stronger in:

a) North pole (N) b) Middle part c) South pole (S) d) Both at N & S poles

3) The two ends of the magnet are called:

a) Ends b) Natural magnet c) Magnetic compass d) Poles

4) A magnet attracts:

a) Pieces of paper b) Paper clips c) Plastic d) Cloth

5) Magnets can become weak due to:

a) Heating b) Hammering c) Dropping from height d) all of these

6) Unlike poles of two magnets:

a) Always repel each other b) Sometime attracts & sometimes repel

b) Always attract each other d) No effect

7) The forms of precipitation are:

a) Rain b) Snow c) Hail d) All of these

8) The taste of ocean water is always:

a) Sweet b) Saline c) Tasteless d) Bitter

9) Making use of rainwater is known as:

a) Flood b) Drought c) Rainwater harvesting d) Waterlogging


II. Fill in the blanks.

1) Alnico is an alloy of ____________ , ______________ & __________.

2) Like poles of magnets _______ .

3) Unlike poles of magnets ________ .

4) The level of the ground water is called as the __________.

5) A change in state from gaseous to liquid is called ___________.

6) Water exists in _______ states.

7) Water covers __________ of the earth’s surface.

8) Water helps to __________ the temperature of the body.


III. State true or false.

1) Plastic is attracted by the magnet.

2) Each magnet has only one pole.

3) The earth behaves like a huge bar magnet.

4) Lodestone is a natural magnet.

5) Pits are dug in low – lying areas to collect rainwater.

6) The hotter the liquid, the faster is the evaporation.

7) The evaporation of the sweat helps to bring down the temperature our body.

8) Water is a compound of hydrogen & carbon.

9) The removal of the upper layer of soil is called erosion of soil.


IV. Match the following.

                         A              B

1) magnetic compass      a) precipitation

2) rainwater harvesting   b) circulation of water

3) rain                           c) conserving water

4) water cycle                d) Gives the direction


V. Define the following.

a) Magnetic substances b) Transpiration c) Evaporation d) Condensation

e) Water cycle f) Precipitation g) Water table h) Flood

i) Drought j) Rainwater harvesting k) Erosion of soil


VI. Draw diagrams:

1) Magnetic compass 2) Water cycle


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