CBSE Class XI Informatics Practices Introduction to Programming Questions

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CBSE Assignment for Class 11 Informatics Practices -Introduction to Programming Questions . Based on CBSE and CCE guidelines. The students should read these basic concepts to gain perfection which will help him to get more marks in CBSE examination.

Some Important Questions with Answers

1. Which window is used to designed the form.

Ans: Design window

2. Which window contains the Swing Controls components.

Ans: Palette window

3. What is the most suitable component to accept multiline text.

Ans : Text Area

4. What will be the output of the following command?


Ans : Error

5. What will be the output of the following command?


Ans: LearningJava

6. Name the different list type controls offered by Java Swing.

Ans: (i) jListBox

        (ii) jComboBox

7. Name any two commonly used method of ListBox.

Ans: getSelectedIndex() and getSelectedValue()

8. Write code to add an element (“New Course”) to a list (SubList) at the beginning of the list.

Ans: SubList.add(0,”New Course”);

9. Describe the three common controls. Also give some of their properties.


(i) jButton text,icon

(ii) jLabel text,border

(iii) jTextField text,font

10. By default a combo box does not offer editing feature.How would you make a combo box editable.

Ans: By setting its editable property to false.

11. Write Name the component classes of Swing API for the following components-

(a) frame (b) button


12. What is the name of event listener interface for action events ?

Ans: ActionPerformed

13. What does getpassword() on a password field return ?

Ans: a character array

14. What is event driven programming?

Ans:This programming style responds to the user events and is driven by the occurrence of user events.

15. What are containers? Give examples.

Ans: Containers are those controls inside them e.g., frame (JFrame), Panel (JPanel), label (JLabel) etc. are containers

16. Which method of list is used to determine the value of selected item, if only one itm is selected.

Ans: getSelectedValue()

17. Which type of storage is provided by variables.

Ans: temporary

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