CBSE Class 1 EVS Assignment (28) - Sense Organs

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CBSE Class 1 EVS Assignment (28) - Sense Organs. Students are advised to refer to the attached assignments and practise them regularly. This will help them to identify their weak areas and will help them to score better in examination. Parents should download and give the assignments to their children for practice.

Q1. Tick the correct answer:

1. We have _________ sense organs. ( five / seven )

2. I see with my __________ . ( ears / eyes )

3. My __________ help me hear. ( skin / ears )

4. I can ___________ ice cream with my tongue.( see / taste )

5. I can ___________ with my nose. ( smell / hear )

6. My skin helps me _________ things. ( see / feel )

7. I listen to music with my _________ . ( nose / ears )

8. I watch cartoons with my ________ . (eyes / hand )

Q2. Rearrange the following words to get the name of a body part, one is done for you:

1. haed _____________________

2. lge _____________________

3. rae _____________________

4. ncke _____________________

5. nails _____________________

6. ewlbo _____________________

7. neke _____________________

8. finreg _____________________

9. eson _____________________ 10. Hnad _____________________

Q2. Solve the riddles:

a) I am very weak plant. I need support to grow. I need support.

___L___ ___B___R

b) I am hard outside and soft inside. I give you oil..


Q3. Give two examples of each that we eat:

a) Roots 1. _________________ 2. _________________

b) Stem 1. _________________ 2. _________________

c) Leaves 1. _________________ 2. _________________

d) Seeds 1. _________________ 2. _________________

Q3. Match the following:

a) Shrubs have One seed

b) Creepers grow along root

c) Muskmelon has hard stems

d) Litchi has many seeds

e) Radish is a the ground

Q4. Each finger has a name. Can you write it?

1. ___________________________

2. ___________________________

3. ___________________________

4. ___________________________

5. ___________________________


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