CBSE Class I English

Download Class 1 English worksheets and assignments with important questions, Sample Paper and Question Papers with solutions for practice, also download NCERT books and other study material prepared based on latest guidelines, term examination pattern and blueprint issued by CBSE and NCERT


The students who are studying in Class 1 English should be able to perform the following activities :

  1. Name common objects like man, dog etc. when pictures are shown
  2. Use familiar and simple words (‘bat’, ‘pen’, ‘cat’) as examples to reproduce the starting sound and letter (/b/, /p/, /k/ etc)
  3. Develop phonemic awareness through activities focusing on different sounds, emerging from the words in stories and texts.
  4. Sing/recite collectively songs/poems/rhymes with action.
  5. Listen to stories, and humorous incidents and interact in English/home language and solve some Worksheets for Class 1 English which have been exclusively provided on
  6. Ask simple questions like names of characters from the story, incidents that he/she likes in the story, etc. (Ensure clear lip movement for children with hearing impairment to lip ear.)
  7. Draw/scribble pictures/ images from the story as preliminary to writing.
  8. Respond in home language/English/sign language/non-verbal expressions what he/she has understood in the story/poem.
  9. Use greetings like “good morning”, “thank you” and have polite conversations in English like “what is your name?”, “how are you?” etc and solve some Sample Papers for Class 1 English
  10. Say 2-3 sentences describing familiar objects and places such as family photographs, shops, parks etc.
  11. Give examples of common blend sounds in words like ‘brick’, ‘brother’, ‘frog’, ‘friend’ etc.