CBSE Class I Mathematics

Download Class 1 Mathematics worksheets and assignments with important questions and answers, Sample Papers and Past year question papers with solutions and other study material available for free download in pdf. Prepared based on latest guidelines, term examination pattern and blueprint issued by CBSE and NCERT


As students of class 1 mathematics refer to NCERT and CBSE books to enhance their skills for Class 1 mathematics, the student should be provided chances in pairs/groups/ individually and encouraged to the following activities:

- The students should observe different contexts and situations from the immediate environment such as things that are  inside/outside the classroom. They may be encouraged to use spatial vocabulary/ concepts like top-bottom, onunder, inside-outside, above-below, nearfar, before-after, thin- thick, big-small etc.

- The students should identify and draw the things which are nearfar, tall-short, thick-thin, etc.

- The students should be able to handle concrete materials or models and classify them. For example, objects which are round in shape such as chapati, ball, etc and those which are not round such as pencil box.

- The students should count objects, for instance, students may take out objects up to 9 from a given collection of objects such as picking any 8 leaves /4 beads/6 ice-cream sticks etc, from the given box. This can be done with the help of worksheets for class 1 mathematics

- The students should take out objects or any other item available up to 20 from a given collection of objects and use them for the activity to enhance their skills in class 1 maths.

- The class 1 students should use words like more than, less than or equal through the strategy of one to one correspondence in objects in two groups. Parents should use them in daily conversation with kids.

- The students should consider different strategies to add numbers up to 9 like counting on forward and using already known addition facts

- The students should evolve different strategies to subtract numbers up to 9 as for example, recounting after taking out objects from a given collection. Daily home made activities can also be identified by parents in their day to day activities which will help them to learn maths for class 1. Parents can also download Sample Papers for Class 1 Maths to practice these principles.

- Parents can help the students to use different strategies like aggregation, counting forward, using addition facts, etc. to extend addition up to 20 (sum not exceeding 20)

- Teachers should develop different strategies of subtraction through taking away objects/ pictures

- If possible the students should count in groups of tens and ones for numbers more than 20 e.g. 38 has 3 groups/bundles of ten each and 8 loose (ones) sort objects based on similarities and differences through their sense of touch and observations

- You can also try to verbalise the properties of shapes/criterion used by them in sorting/ classifying solids/ shapes

- Try to use concrete play money for making amounts up to Rs 20

- You can also try to find short lengths in their immediate environment using non uniform units like finger, hand span, length of a forearm, footsteps, etc.

- Teachers should initiate conduct classroom discussions on learner observations of pattern and allow them to describe in their own language. Let children find what will come next and justify their answer. Parents can also do this at home as this will enhance class 1 students skills to interpret what they have learned.

- The above activities and suggestions will help students for class 1 to observe and collect information from the visuals, contexts/ situations such as number of items but make sure you refer to latest syllabus for Maths class 1 on regular basis while studying maths.