CBSE Class 1 English Spellings Grammar Vocabulary Assignment

Read and download free pdf of CBSE Class 1 English Spellings Grammar Vocabulary Assignment. Get printable school Assignments for Class 1 English. Standard 1 students should practise questions and answers given here for Spellings Grammar Vocabulary English in Grade 1 which will help them to strengthen their understanding of all important topics. Students should also download free pdf of Printable Worksheets for Class 1 English prepared as per the latest books and syllabus issued by NCERT, CBSE, KVS and do problems daily to score better marks in tests and examinations

Assignment for Class 1 English Spellings Grammar Vocabulary

Class 1 English students should refer to the following printable assignment in Pdf for Spellings Grammar Vocabulary in standard 1. This test paper with questions and answers for Grade 1 English will be very useful for exams and help you to score good marks

Spellings Grammar Vocabulary Class 1 English Assignment

A. Answer the following:-

Q1. Where does Reena’s father work?
Ans. _________________________________________________.

Q2. Which two animals did the hunter want to take home?
Ans. _________________________________________________.

B. Fill in the blanks:-

1) Rishi wanted to eat some ____________.
2) Grandpa and Grandma had come for____________.
3) The tortoise was trapped in a hunter’s ____________.
4) The ___________ flew round and round the deer.
5) The hunter was ____________.

C. State True or False:-

1) Reena and Rishi’s father is a doctor.

2) Rishi was hiding under the table.

3) The hunter wanted the crow too.

4) The tortoise was t rapped in a hunter’s net .

5) The crow had a plan to save tortoise. GRAM M AR

A. Fill These or Those:-

1) ____________ are stars.

2) ____________ are apples.

3) ____________ are t rees.

4) ____________ are girls.

5) ____________ are mangoes

B. Answer the following:-

Q1. What are those?

A1. _________________________________________________.

C. One M any:- One M any:-

1) Ball ______________ 5) Tree ______________

2) Toy ______________ 6) Bush ______________

3) Child ______________ 7) Box ______________

4) Foot ______________ 8) Woman ______________

D. Fill is, am, are:-

1) This _____________ a t ree.

2) Children _____________in the school.

3) I _____________ a good child.

4) Priya and Rama _____________ sleeping.

5) A bird _____________ on the t ree.

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