CBSE Class 8 EVS Worksheet - Understanding Secularism

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Class: VIII

Subject: S.P.L

Fill in the blanks:

1. The most important aspect of secularism is it separation of ___________ from _____________ .

2. The tyranny of __________ could result in the discrimination , coercion and persecution of religious minorities.

3. The objectives of Indian secularism are:

a. One religious community does not_________ another.

b. Some members do not dominate other members of the __________ ____________ community.

c. The state does not _________ any particular religion nor take away the religious___________ of individuals.

4. The policies of Indian state to secure the above objective are:

a. The strategy of __________ itself from religion.

b. The strategy of non -___________.

c. The strategy of _____________.

5. In U.S.A most children in government schools have to begin their school day reciting _________________________.

6. In February 2004, ___________ passed a law banning students from wearing any visible religious or political signs or symbols.

7. The knowledge that certain rights exist makes us ___________ to their violations and enables us to take _________ when these violations take place. Tick the correct answer:

8 Laws relating to- equal inheritance right , abolishing of untouchability and sati practice are examples where state had adopted the policy ofa. Intervention b. Non-interference

9. The special feature of Indian secularism compared to secularism of U.S.A is the strategy of

a. Intervention b. Non-interference

10. The _____________ state is not strictly separate from religion but it does maintain a principled distance vis-à-vis religion. 

a. Indian b. U.S.A


Please refer to attached file for CBSE Class 8 EVS Worksheet - Understanding Secularism


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