CBSE Class 8 EVS Worksheet - The Indian Constitution

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I. Fill in the blanks

1. Our constitution was adopted in _______________________

2. The chairman of the drafting committee of the constituent assembly was ________

3. Indian constitution was framed by _______________

4. ________________ refers to the existence of more than one level of government in the country.

5. The Indian constitution was enforced on _____________________

6. The Indian state has a __________________ form of government

7. The ________________ is a smaller group of people who are responsible for implementing laws and running government.

8. ______________, __________________ and ________________ are the three organs of the state.

9. There were _____________________ members in our constituent assembly.

10. Apart from the Fundamental rights, ______________ helps to ensure social and economic reforms.

II. State whether True or False (T/F)

1. At present Indian citizen enjoys ten fundamental rights ( )

2. Fundamental rights and duties should go hand in hand ( )

3. The constitution has abolished the practice of untouchability ( )

4. All religions are equally considered in India ( )

5. Indian constitution has adopted unitary form of government ( )

6. Fundamental rights are not the conscience of the Indian constitution ( )

III. Answer the following

1. Mention one characteristic of Right to Equality.


2. Write any two fundamental duties of a citizen.



3. Discuss the difference between state and government





4. Comment on the following Rights .

1. Right against Exploitation



2. Cultural and Educational Rights



Please refer to attached file for CBSE Class 8 EVS Worksheet - The Indian Constitution


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