CBSE Class 5 General Knowledge Question Paper Set E

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I) Multiple choice questions. 

l. ............. is the tallest animal which can grow up to a height of 6m.

(a) Elephant (b) Lion (c) Giraffe (d) Cheetah 

2. The fruit of oak tree is .................

(a) Mango (b) Apple (c) Banana (d) Acorn 

3. ‘Diseovery of lndia’ is written by ...............

(a) Abdul Fazl (b) Leo Tolstoy

(c) Vikram Seth (d) Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru 

4. What is the synonym of ‘Befriend’?

(a) Act as a friend (b) Introduce

(c) To talk to (d) None of these 

5. Meaning of the ‘Heartfelt’ is ............

(a) Embarrassed (b) Energetic

(c) Sincere (d) None of these 

6. Complete this proverb by using suitable word.One man‘s ................ is another man’s poison. 

(a) Milk (b) Chocolate (c) Cloth (d) Meat 

7. A man who sells writing paper, pens & ink is called ...............

(a) Librarian (b) Stationer (c) Author (d) Auditor [ ]

8. Who discovered ‘Penicillin’?

(a) Alexander Flemming (b) C.V.Raman

(c) Galileo (d) S.Chandrashekhar 

9. Which disease is transmitted by the bite of sand fly?

(a) Cancer (b) Cholera (c) Malaria (d) Kala-azar 

10. A doctor who specialises in the treatment of heart diseases is called a .................

(a) Optician (b) Dentist (c) Cardiologist (d) Skinner 

11. A doctor who specialises in the treatment of kidney diseases is called a .................

(a) Pathologist (b) Nephrologist (c) Neurologist (d) Dermatologist 

l2. What is the scientific study of birds called?

(a) Ornithology (b) Zoology (c) Botany (d) Chemistry 

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