CBSE Class 1 English Lalu and Peelu MCQs

CBSE Class 1 English Lalu and Peelu MCQs with answers available in Pdf for free download. The MCQ Questions for Class 1 English with answers have been prepared as per the latest syllabus, NCERT books and examination pattern suggested in Standard 1 by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. Multiple Choice Questions are an important part of exams for Grade 1 English and if practiced properly can help you to get higher marks. Refer to more Chapter-wise MCQs for NCERT Class 1 English and also download more latest study material for all subjects

MCQ for Class 1 English Lalu and Peelu

Class 1 English students should refer to the following multiple-choice questions with answers for Lalu and Peelu in standard 1. These MCQ questions with answers for Grade 1 English will come in exams and help you to score good marks

Lalu and Peelu MCQ Questions Class 1 English with Answers

Question: Name the chicks in the story

a) Lalu and Peelu

b) Lalu and Seelu

c) Kalu and Peelu

d) Lalu and Geelu

Answer: Lalu and Peelu


Question: Who liked yellow things?

a) Peelu

b) Lalu

c) Both

d) None of these

Answer: Lalu


Question: What did Lalu eat one day?

a) Red chilli

b) Red Tomato

c) Red Apple

d) Red Carrot

Answer: Red chilli


Question: Give names to these chicks using the names of some other colours in your language.


a) Billu and Kalu

b) Billu and shalu

c) Tillu and shalu

d) None of these

Answer: Billu and Kalu


Question: Hen had ____ Chicks

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 5

Answer: 2


Question: Who loved red things?

a) Lalu

b) Peelu

c) Both

d) None of these

Answer: Lalu


Question: One day Lalu saw ____ on a plant.

a) Red Chilli

b) Black Chilli

c) Green Chilli

d) None of these

Answer: Red Chilli


Question: Red chilli was _____

a) Very hot.

b) Very sweet

c) very small

d) very big

Answer: Very hot.


Question: Peelu brought a ____

  • a) Yellow laddu

  • b) Yellow mango

  • c) Yellow banana

  • d) None of these

Answer: Yellow laddu


Question: When Lalu’s mouth started burning, he _____

  • a) Screamed.

  • b) Danced

  • c) Enjoyed

  • d) None of these

Answer: Screamed.

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