CBSE Class 12 Exam 2020 Board Introduces Major Changes in Exam Pattern

Are you in CBSE Class 12 academic session 2019-2020? If yes, then you have to check out what CBSE has brought the major changes for the class 12 examination pattern for board exam 2020.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has reportedly come up with new changes in the examination pattern for class 12 for the academic session 2019-2020. As per the CBSE norms, CBSE has given more weightage to the internal assessment for the next year coming board exams for CBSE 2019-2020 class 12. CBSE has done these changes intending to discourage students from rote learning, develop analytical skills and reasoning abilities among students, produce better results and also improve the academic quality of institutions.

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In the new examination pattern, there will be the more number of objective type questions in the question papers as compared to the previous ones. This will also help in fulfilling the huge gap between the competitive, entrance and board exams. 

Prior, the internal assessment wasn’t the part of all the subjects of class 12 like Mathematics, Languages, and Political Science. According to the new assessment scheme, the new internal assessments will carry 20% weightage of the total marks for internal assessment in all these subjects. Thus the CBSE board paper will carry 80% marks in the upcoming CBSE Board exam March 2020. Although, for the subjects like Science and arts the weightage will remain the same as they were.

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More number of Objective Type questions

As per the new criteria of CBSE the board has decided to give relaxation to the students. Here is the good news for the CBSE class 12 students. CBSE has been released complete burden over the students through introducing 25% multiple-choice questions (MCQ) in all the subjects in CBSE board exam 2020. Well out of 80, now only 60 marks will be given to the subjective part of the CBSE board exam i.e. 75% detailed questions where students are required to write the detailed answers. This will help the students to score optimum marks in the CBSE board exams and also reduces the burden of attempting the lengthy paper.

Moreover, the Board has always focused that its students must acquire the skills of innovative thinking, understanding the concept, problem-solving, analyzing information, effective communication, developing curiosity, imagination as part of the learning process instead of just mug it up the concepts and scoring good marks and also MCQ’s push students to understand each concept and topic properly.

Increased Number of Internal Choices in Different Questions

The CBSE board had already increased the number of internal choices for the upcoming board exams 2020. So, the internal choice questions of CBSE board exams 2020 will remain the same as the regulation of 2019 i.e. 33 per cent.

This helps the students to pick the question of their own choice which they are more confident about and now the students can easily score good marks by attempting 33 marks questions of which they’re more confident in all the subjects.  Due to the increased internal choice weightage, students can easily pass the exam and this also increased the percentage of attempting the full paper. Moreover, the complexity ratio of board exam has also been decreased.

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