CBSE Class 1 EVS The World Around Us Worksheet

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CBSE Class 1 EVS The World Around Us Worksheet. Students can download these worksheets and practice them. This will help them to get better marks in examinations. Also refer to other worksheets for the same chapter and other subjects too. Use them for better understanding of the subjects.

L- 1 The world Around Us

Q.I Choose the correct answer:

1. Tree is a living thing.

(car/ tree)

2. Aeroplane is a non living thing.

(plant / aeroplane)

3. Plants make their own food with the help of sun .

( sun /stars )

4. Plant can move,grow and reproduce.

(table/ plant)

5. The dog and tree are living thing.

( living /non living)

6. A train can not move on its own.

(can/can not)

Q .II Write the words given under the correct group.

Black Board, Butterfly, Bus, Chalk, plant, nurse, Teacher, School, Father, Pencil

Living things                            Non living things

1. Butterfly                                  black board

2. Plant                                       chalk

3. Nurse                                      school

4. Teacher                                    bus

5. Father                                      pencil

Q.III Answer these question:

Q.1 What are living things?

An Things that need food, breath, grow, feel and die are

Called living things.


L- 2 The world of plants.

Q.I Choose the correct answer:

1. We can sit under the shade of a tree.

(herb /tree)

2. Root grows under the ground.


3. A climber needs support.

(climber/ shrub)

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