CBSE Class 5 English Unseen Passage A

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CBSE Class 5 English Unseen Passage A. Students should do unseen passages for Class 5 English which will help them to get better marks in English class tests and exams. Unseen passages are really scoring and practicing them on regular basis will be very useful. Refer to the unseen passage below with answers.

Read the following passages carefully and answer the questions given below:

Buddha walked on fearlessly. Angulimala ran as fast as he could but he could not catch up with him. He swore and shouted at Buddha, but Buddha smile kindly at him and continued to walk through the forest. This went on for several hours and Angulimala was at last tired and sat down. Buddha stood in front of him. His face was shining with kindness for the robber.

"Who are you, man?" asked Angulimala. "Why do you travel through this forest alone? Aren't you afraid of Angulimala? Why couldn't I catch you? What magic do you possess?

Buddha replied gently, "I'm a friend of yours and I've come to the forest to help you. I've come to save you from further sin. I'm not afraid of you because I love you as I love all other men. My magic is the magic of kindness for all living creatures."

These noble words touched the cruel heart of Angulimala and he fell at the feet of Buddha.” O Lord save me!" he said sobbing. "I am the Buddha am the greatest sinner on earth". He cried bitterly and tears flowed from his eyes in two unending streams.

Answer the following Question:-

1.Why was Angulimala tired?
2.In what manner did Buddha stand before the robber?
3.Which contrast does the author present in this passage?
4.What was Buddha's reply when Angulimala asked who he was?
5.What was the magic with Buddha, according to Buddha himself?
6.Why did Angulimala, the robber fall at the feet of Buddha?
7.What did the robber say sobbingly? Before the robber?
8.Who are the two talkers in this passage?
9.How does this passage end?
10.Find the words from the passage which mean:-

(i)The quality of being kind

(ii)A person who steals from a person using violence or threats.

Suggested Answers to Passage:-

1.Angulimala was tired because for several hours he ran as fast as he could to catch up with Buddha.
2.Buddha stood before the robber with the face shining with kindness.
3.The contrast is that the robber swears and shouts at Buddha while he smiles kindly at the robber
4.Buddha's reply was that he was a friend of his and he had come to save him from further sin.
5.Buddha's magic was the magic of kindness for all living creatures.
6.Angulimala fell at the feet of Buddha because the noble words touched his cruel heart.
7.The robber sobbingly said that he was the greatest sinner on earth and appealed to save.
8.Buddha and Angulimala are the two talkers.
9.This passage ends pathetically with tears of gratitude in Angulimala's eyes.
(i) kindness (ii) robber

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