CBSE Class 6 Revision Assignments (1)

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CBSE Class 6 Revision Assignments (1)

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First Term

1) The Nature Of Matter

2) Elements ,Compounds ; Symbols and Formulae

3) Changes in the World around us: Physical and Chemical Changes

4) Common laboratory apparatus and equipments ( laboratory work)

1st Assessment

1) The Nature of Matter

Elements & their Symbols (Compounds and their Formulae not


Chemistry Holiday Home work-ClassVI

Read the lesson ‘The Nature Of Matter’ thoroughly to answer the questions that follow

the chapter on Page 24.(WORK TO BE DONE IN CHEMISTRY COPY)

Questions 5,6,7,8


Extra Questions:

1. Define:



c.Pure substance


e. Molecule

2.Write two differences between mass & weight.(Write in tabular form)

3.Write the differences between solids,liquids and gases. .(Write in tabular form)

Learn the following answers and write them in your chemistry copy

4.Give Reasons:

a.Liquids flow but solids do not

In liquids the intermolecular force of attraction is weaker as compared to solids.The

molecules in liquids can slide over each other.This makes a liquid flow.

However in solids,the molecules are closely packed having strong intermolecular force of

attraction.Thus the molecules are not able to slide over one another and solids cannot flow.

b.A gas fills up the space available to it.


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