View PDF CBSE Class 9 Science Synthetic Fibre and Plastics MCQs Set A

Synthetic Fibre and Plastics    1. Polyester is made of repeating units of chemical called as -(A) Ester (B) Cotton (C) Ether (D) None of these   2. Petroleum is the main source of - (A) Silk (B) Plastic (C) Cotton (D) None of these    3. Photochromic glass contains -  (A) Silver bormide (B) Silver iodide (C) Silver chloride (D) All the above    4. Which of the following is used in endoscopy- (A) Optical fibres (B) Glass fibres (C) Glass wool (D) None of these   5. Purple-blue coloured glass is obtained by the addition of - (A) Chromium salts (B) Ferrous

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