SOF IMO International Mathematics Olympiad

SOF IMO refers to the International Mathematics Olympiad organised by SOF, the Science Olympiad Foundation. SOF is the educational foundation involved in the academic upgradation of students. This Olympiad is a maths competitive examination conducted for the aspiring school students of class 1 to class 12. IMO is moving forward with the main objective to identify, acknowledge and enhance the mathematical skills in the school students of India and abroad. It basically aims at recognizing and nurturing future scientist, technologist and IT skilled school students. IMO helps the students to compete with the other students of their scale across the globe and determine their academic growth with respect to their mathematical skills. On completion of the Olympiad, a student performance report (SPR) is shared which displays a detailed analysis of the student’s performance in the Olympiad exam.

Moving forward in this article, we shall discuss the overview of the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) along with all the relevant aspect like the eligibility criteria, registration, application process, exam pattern, important dates, etc.

The Registration in the SOF IMO Exam is done through the respective schools for the interested students from class 1 to class 12. For the schools which are not registered with the foundation, the students can apply on individual basis also. The participating students need to fill the IMO registration forms with all the necessary details and submit it with their respective schools. For completion of the application process the school submits the duly filled registration forms to the organizing authority as per the due date.

The students registered for the IMO Exam are required to pay a nominal registration fees to the organizing foundation. The aspiring students from India, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh needs to pay ₹125 per student for the Maths Olympiad exam. Whereas, students from other countries need to pay USD 9 per student for the IMO exam. The schools registered with SOF for Olympiad exams can charge an additional charge of ₹25 per student or USD 1 for international students as honorarium for in-charge or remuneration to teachers or other miscellaneous expenses. 

The SOF International Mathematics Olympiad is channelled at two levels.

Level 1 of SOF IMO is conducted in the respective schools of the participating students of class 1 to class 12 amidst the school hours. This competitive maths exam is for all interested students regardless of their score in the school exams. This moderate eligible criterion has motivated lot of students to participate in turn increasing the overall participants of SOF IMO exam in India and abroad.

The first level IMO competition is an exam of 60 minute’s duration consisting of objective type questions. There are 35 multiple choice questions (MCQs) for class 1 to class 4 and 50 multiple choice questions (MCQs) for class 5 to class 12. The Olympiad exam is conducted in English medium during the school hours and there are different question papers for every class.

The IMO level 1 question paper comprise of 4 sections, namely,

Section 1: Logical Reasoning

Section 2: Mathematical Reasoning

Section 3: Everyday Mathematics

Section 4: Achievers Section

Level 2 of SOF IMO is based on the students who qualify the level 1 SOF IMO competitive examination. This level of maths Olympiad is conducted for the students of class 3 to class 12. Although, there is no need for the students of class 1 and class 2 to attempt the level 2 IMO exam as their overall performance is analysed on the basis of their level 1 SOF IMO exam only.

The following are the eligibility conditions of level 2 on the basis of which the students are shortlisted for different levels in the IMO exams:

  1. School Level: The class topper from a class where at least 10 students participate from a class of the registered school and score a minimum of 50% qualifying marks.
  2. Zone/ State Level: The top 25 rank holders on the basis of each class and each zone justify the qualification criteria.
  3. International Level: The top 5% candidates from each class who participate in the first level IMO exams internationally qualify for the second level.

The Syllabus of the International Mathematics Olympiad is in accordance with the syllabus prescribed by the CBSE, ICSE/ISC and the various other state boards. In case the students qualify for the second level of IMO exam and also move on to the next academic class, the syllabus for the students will remain of the previous class only. The detailed class wise syllabus for the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) is shared on our website. Kindly click on the relevant links mentioned to reach the same.

The IMO Sample Papers play a vital role in the preparations of IMO exam. These sample papers are designed and shared by the educational experts of our website. Therefore, they facilitate the students to understand the course covered, exam pattern and the marking scheme of the International Mathematics Olympiad. This helps the aspiring students to recognize their strengths and weakness and make an effective plan for preparation of the maths competitive Olympiad exam. The students can download the IMO sample papers by simply clicking on the class- wise links available on our website.

It is very important to keep a track of the important key dates for the International Mathematics Olympiad so that the student does not miss any deadline. Following is a rough outline of the relevant deadlines of the IMO Examination.

IMO Application Deadline: Minimum 30 Days before the IMO Exam Date

IMO Level 1 Exam: November – December Every Year

IMO Level 1 Result: December – January Every Year

IMO Level 2 Exam: February – March Every Year

IMO Level 2 Result: March – April Every Year

The accurate application dates for IMO Exam are as per the discretion of the organizing foundation- Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF). The IMO level 1 exam is conducted by the organizers on three dates. Every registered school has the authority to choose a date out of the three as per their convenience. Once selected SOF does not allow the change in date. Every announced date of SOF IMO examinations has a different set of questions.

The SOF IMO Exam Result is announced within 8 - 10 weeks of the examination. The result of the maths Olympiad exam is send to the registered schools. The students can also check their results on the official website of SOF, The participating students in the IMO exam are issued SPR, that is the Student Performance Report which gives a detailed analysis of the student’s performance in the maths Olympiad.  It is a six section report which facilitates the students in understanding their plus points as well as areas where they need improvement. The details of the six sections in SPR are as follows:

  1. Section A: The marks obtained by the student along with the rank achieved at the School/ District/ Zonal/ International Level.
  2. Section B: The section wise performance score of the student.
  3. Section C: The answers marked by the student, the performance comparison with other students along with the correct answers of the questions asked in the IMO exam.
  4. Section D: The percentage score analysis of the student along with the comparison on the class, district, zonal and international level.
  5. Section E: The average marks analysis on the basis of the comparison at the school, district, zonal and international level.
  6. Section F: The student’s performance in the Olympiad examination over the last 8 years.  

All this information about the performance of the student in the Olympiad helps the parents, teachers and guardians to give the right direction to the students towards raising their educational graph upwards.

Now on the concluding phase of the article, let us discuss about the Awards of the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)!

Every extraordinary student expects awards and acknowledgement. Thus to felicitate the top performers of IMO exam, be it the students, teachers, principals or the schools, SOF has a process of appreciation for all. The top performing students in level 1 and level 2 exams are awarded prizes in accordance with the ranks they achieve on the zonal, district and international level. Similarly, the top performing schools registered with SOF are also acknowledged and praised by felicitating its teachers and principals with various awards and prizes. The details of the various IMO awards and prizes with their respective selection criteria are shared in the upcoming article on our website.

Hopefully, the above mentioned information about the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) will be fruitful to the aspiring students. For a detailed explanation specific to the different classes from class 1 to class 12 and relevant subjects, kindly click to the respective link mentioned on our reliable educational website Best Wishes!

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