Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)


CBSE has released the datesheet for Class 12th Board Exams. The Exams strt on 2nd march and end on 17th April. Access the link below to access the datesheet
CBSE Class 10 Board Exam Date Sheet 2015 released. The Exams start on Monday,02nd March, 2015 and last exam is on 26th March 2015. Please click the link below to access the datesheet
CBSE has published the datesheet for class XII for 2014 examinations.
CBSE has published the datesheet for class X for 2014 examinations. This time the examinations are starting on Saturday 1st March and will go on till Wednesday 19th March giving ample time to students between the examinations.
Conduct of Class-IX March 2010 Examination under Summative Assessment-II


Great Information

I wanted to find the latest syllabus of ICSE.. I was not able to get it on any website.. found it here.. Thanks StudiesToday !

Thanks for the useful information

No doubt this is one of the best website for CBSE students that i have ever seen. All the studymaterial is well presented in a very logical manner. The best part is that all material is free for students to download with no registration requirements.

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