CBSE wont use Failed or Compartment in CBSE result mark sheet

CBSE has announced a significant change in the CBSE 10th and 12th mark sheet of the results to be given to the students. The CBSE board also decided to end the use of the words “failed” or “compartmental” given to students in the CBSE Board Report 2020 mark sheet. According to the media report, as part of its policy, the CBSE board is considering a proposal to reduce the negative impact of board exam results on the student’s psyche.

According to the media report, under its rule, the CBSE board is considering a plan to reduce the negative impact of board exam results on the minds of students.

The CBSE also decided to do away with the words “failed” and “Compartmental” on board markets to reduce the student’s mental pressure. CBSE has also reportedly asked CBSE school heads and regional offices to decide on the words of replacement which can be used on the CBSE mark sheets.

CBSE aimed at reducing mental pressure on students

The board believes that students are negatively affected by using such strong words in the statement of marks in relation to the result, as there is pressure on the students to perform well in the CBSE Board Exam 2020 already.

Many students are severely affected by seeing the negative words in the CBSE mark sheet.  Even though they do not take drastic measures like an attempt in their lives, as they are unable to cope with that pressure, many times the mental pressure is not good for students.

Instead of using the “Failed” and “Compartmental” words, the board plans to replace them with some inspirational word that may inspire students to do better when they appear for the exam next time.

According to CBSE board “Students may be subconsciously affected and may suffer a setback in their mind regarding the terms “Failed” or “compartment” on the CBSE mark sheet. “

Need alternatives for “Failed” or “compartment”

CBSE board has instructed all principals of CBSE regional offices and affiliated schools to recommend alternative words for “Failed” or “Compartment”, which will not harm the morale of students. According to the CBSE Board suggestion, “Failed” can be replaced with unqualified and or not qualified and “compartment” can be replaced with “special examination”.

CBSE should finalize the terms after receiving the recommendations and all schools will use them in the final result. Students who receive marks below qualifying marks in more than 2 subjects are recently marked as "failed" and those who fail in one or two subjects are categorized in the compartment.

After the words have been finalized, CBSE will replace the "Failed" or "Compartment" from the mark sheet which will be received by students after the results declaration in May. Examinations of the CBSE Board 2020 will begin on 15 February 2020.

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