CBSE New Exam Pattern For The Session 2019 - 2020

The latest CBSE exam pattern 2019-2020 has been announced in the First week of March 2019. The new educational programme and pattern will be available in April 2019. As per the new exam pattern, CBSE has given more weight to school-based assessment and objective type questions.

Internal Assessments in All Subjects:

Unfortunately, the internal assessment wasn’t available in all the subjects like Class 12 English, Mathematics and Political Science etc. According to the new curriculum, all the subjects will carry 20% weightage for internal assessment. Thus, the CBSE board weightage will carry 80% marks in upcoming March 2020 exam instead of some science subjects and fine arts will be same.

Internal Choice in Question Paper:

The internal choice questions weightage of 2020 CBSE board exam will remain same as per the regulation of 2019 i.e. 33%. Now the students can easily score good marks by attempting 33 marks  questions of their own choice in all the subjects.  Due to the increased internal choice weightage, students can easily pass the exam and this also increased the percentage of attempting the full paper. Moreover, the difficulty ratio of board exam has also been decreased.

Objective Type Questions:

CBSE has been released complete burden over the students through introducing 25% multiple choice questions (MCQ) in the CBSE board exam i.e. the objective part. Well out of 80, now only 60 marks will be the subjective part of the CBSE board exam i.e. 75% detailed questions.

Download CBSE Sample Papers for practice.

Why the assessment process changed?

Let’s see why the assessment process changed in CBSE board exam. As per CBSE circular, the Board has always focused that its students must acquire the skills of innovative thinking, understanding the concept, problem-solving, analyzing information, effective communication, developing curiosity, imagination as part of the learning process instead of just mug it up the concepts and scoring good marks. Moreover, there is also need to introducing the different types and formats of questions in the exam, so that ratio of innovative students can increase. CBSE also giving special focus on getting ready to the students for participate the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) in 2021.

Is it Really Helpful?

As we know that all competitive and entrance exams have exactly different assessment process as compared with CBSE curriculum. CBSE students accesses the subjective type questions whereas in after school students face multiple choice questions. Therefore, private coaching institutes fulfill the gap between assessment process. Thus students have no option left so they need to join these coaching centres to tackle the objective questions in entrance exams.

Atlast, the new curriculum will help the students to get ready for both the assessment processes i.e. subjective and objective.

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